Friday, January 15, 2016

Tie and Scarf Cutting

Elder ande Sister St. John present missionaries with "Cleanliness is next to
Godliness"awards for extra clean flats! We are pretty sure a few of these
missionaries will use these to impress their dates soon.
Elder Anton was the first to go under the knife with President Parker!
Next is Elder Morganti. Some of these missionaries are surprised we really 
do this!
Elder Purev-Ochir  leaving a piece of himself in this mission!  
Elder Aguilar leaving his CTR tie.  Now thats a sacrifice!
One more tie for the board. Thank you Elder Beard!
Elder Pitama leaving us with his famous cheetah tie. We will think of you
every time we see it. 
Sister Craig leaving us with a piece of a favorite skirt.  We love you
Sister Craig. 
And here is the group at the end of the evening joined by Elder Pitcher and
Elder Orr who also came into the mission with this group but because of
visa situations they are able to stay a couple more weeks.  Thank you for
your  incredible service here in the Adelaide Mission.  We love you forever.
After dinner and photos, these missionaries had one more assignment.  
Leave  a miracle for us in the Mission Miracle Book. Here they are
remembering a few of the many miracles they were blessed with. 

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