Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alice Springs

Sunday morning we rode with Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel Outbush for 
church. We enjoyed this drive immensely with these 2 faithful missionaries plus 
we got to ride in the Ute!  We arrived in Engawala to set  things up for Sacrament
meeting.  Here are the Elders carrying everything we needed in this trunk- the
hymnbooks, sacrament trays, cloths and cups,  etc. 

This is the carport where Sacrament meeting is held.  Thank you to a wonderful
family who make this possible.  Our new friends, Clifford and Rosemary  and 
their great family  were so gracious in letting us hold church here. We love you.
We made friends fast with these precious children who came to help us  get the
benches arranged and set out the hymnbooks. One of them gave President
Parker a big hug and said, "I just love church!" 
This is President Parker with a great man of God, Clifford and his son Keeton,
who was the only Aaronic Priesthood holder in attendance.  We were so privileged
to see him magnify his Priesthood as he passed the sacrament to us all. We 
were blessed to be with this great family.
Faithful Saints, gathered to worship together, even in the Bush in Australia!  
Our Heavenly Father has us gather together all over the world to serve
and love each other. We were blessed to be here this day. We love you all.
Members in Engawala with Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel. Its all about 
families and these are wonderful people who know that the Gospel blesses
families. This was a great day!

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