Friday, January 15, 2016

Arrivers Training!

And these are the new companionships!  These Trainers are thrilled with these 
fabulous, valiant new missionaries. And these new missionaries have fabulous
trainers so great things are going to happen.  You'll notice Elder Dietze is 
holding an i-pad.......thats because he will be on another plane early in the 
morning to Darwin to meet his new companion, Elder Costales. We skyped
Elder Costales in for the Arrivers Training meeting so these companions
got to see each other during the training.  

Elder Larkin doing some creative training on taking great care of your bicicle. 
Listening intently as President Parker talks about the first law of heaven.
The Assistants to the President doing some great training on being obedient and
diligent. Elder Matekohi and Elder Flinders are great teachers.

Focused and learning by the spirit is the best kind of training.
We are so excited to have these new missionaries.  Look how focused they are!  
We are so blessed to have each one of them. 
Sister Parker using Elder Matekohi as a visual aid again!  Our assistants are 
good sports!  We love you both so much.  IT was a great day !

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  1. Loved all the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to document the mission events. As a mom, I love it all. Thanks Sister Parker!
    Valerie Payne