Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back to Adelaide!

This is a great gift to all of us grandparents as the Wilmotts shared their precious
Trey, Kallie and Jace with us.  Here they are wearing their Australia Adelaide
Mission t-shirts.  What a joy to have them here.
I love this picture!  Just like home:)  Modeling the mission hoodies or jumpers
as they call them in Australia.  

Christmas skits

We laughed til we cried as we watched the Darwin Christmas skit. They told an 
unsusual story as they taught what Christmas is really about. Thank you for
your talents and for the wonderful way you all magnify your calling as a 
Elder Fitzpatrick asking Santa for an ipad but instead getting a teaching
Elder Duabe keeping us informed of each scene.
Elder Seru doing his best to teach his family the true meaning of Christmas.
Elder Costales after his make believe bike accident.
Elders Fitzpatrick and Heindel doing a very convincing job of brothers playing
video games. We are pretty sure they've done this before:)
Elder Pitama and Elder Makai teaching in this home what real gifts are all
about. Thank you Elders and Sisters for a wonderful Christmas celebration
in Darwin.  We loved being with you as we honor and remember the birth of
our Savior Jesus Christ. We love each of you. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Conference

Elder and Sister Farrer surprised us with a favorite "Allred" breakfast-Golden
Rod and Crepes! The missionaries were good sports and all tried it. Lets see
how it went!
I think Elder Pitama enjoyed it-not so sure about Elder Matekohi?
President Parker was a yes! He likes it:)
No hesitation on these Elders part.  They are each creating their own crepe
masterpiece. Sister Farrer had every topping imaginable.
This is serious business getting the toppings just right.
Sister Rooarii with a happy face- no surprise there:)
Lookin good Elder Makai!  Thank you Elder and Sister Farrer.  We know how 
much work it is feeding hungry missionaries. We love you.

Christmas Devotional in Darwin!

The Darwin Zone. Obedient, hard working, diligent missionaries. This Zone 
has had many baptisms recently as their hard work pays off.  They are seeing
the fruits of their labors. They are surviving the rainy season one day at a time.
Its always an adventure in the wonderful city of Darwin! The Lord is hastening
His work, in Darwin, Northern Territory!
We finally got a big smile out of Elder Seru. 
Elder and Sister Farrer with 2 powerful Sister missionaries who are doing fantastic
with the English language.  We love you sisters!

Christmas luncheon at the Farrers!

On Sunday, the incredible Darwin Zone, put on a wonderful musical Sacrament 
Meeting.  Each missionary bore a fervent testimony and the music was magnificent.
We feel extremely blessed to have been there.  Thank you Elders and Sisters.
Next Elder and Sister Farrer hosted us all for a delicious luncheon at their home.
Elders of Israel serving in a mighty cause.
Elder Fitzpatrick was very happy to receive a birthday package filled with love
from his family!
they even sent some love for his companion, Elder Seru!
Our sweet hard working Sisters even out finding in the rain.  We love you so 
much Sister Villenueva and Sister Rooarii. 
Elder Farrer and President Parker . Who would ever imagine two brothers in law
would be serving a mission together in Australia?!?!So many blessings being
a member of this wonderful church. 
Being physically fed after being spiritually fed.  Its a great day with much to
be thankful for. 

Thank you for a wonderful day!  Next we were all able to go to the church
and listen to the First Presidency Christmas Broadcast. A perfect way to
end this wonderful day. I am so thankful to be a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We invite all to come and follow the
example of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Dinner in Darwin!

After all day Zone Conference we enjoyed dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called
Prickles. As you can tell we did not have any fun!! Elder Seru, Elder Makai,
Elder Matekohi, Elder Pitcher, Elder Pitama, Elder Costales, Elder Duabe,
Elder Heindel and Elder Koch. 
Sister Villenueva, Sister Rooarii, President and Sister Parker and Sister Farrer!
Seven  great missionaries! Elder Makai, Elder Matekohi, Elder Pitama, Elder 
Costales, Elder Duabe, Elder Heindel and Elder Koch!

Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Seru and Elder Pitcher=3 great missionaries!

Darwin Christmas Zone Conf.

We arrived in Darwin for our Christmas Zone Conference and were welcomed by this
great group of missionaries!  
And by these missionaries!And where are Elder and Sister Farrer?  They are making us
a delicious lunch for our break at Zone Conference!
These missionaries eat well when our Senior Couples take care of them.  Thank you 
Elder and Sister Farrer! Its great to be with you.
Elder Pitcher, Elder Costales and Elder Makai looking over our mission
Elder Pitama and Elder Matekohi  along with Elder Pitcher , great assistants to the
President who keep this mission running! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alice Springs Christmas Skit!

This great Alice Springs Zone put on a Christmas Skit for us that was beyond 
hilarious.  Thank you to all of you for your creative way to get investigators!
Elder and Sister Tennis getting a little bit nervous  as they have the totally
wrong idea of why these missionaries are here!

Elder McClutchie and Elder Johnson racking up potential investigators at the
information booth!

Elder Toi making like a doctor to try to help Elder K. Johnson with his unusual

Elder Hale and Elder Lee inviting Big Mak and Little Ricki to be baptized.

Elder Toi and Elder Callahan finding investigators of all kinds at K-Mart.

Reporting their wonderful and productive week at Zone Conference. 

Merry Christmas to the Alice Springs Zone.  We loved celebrating the Saviors
birth with all of you.  Thank you for the incredible Fireside with such beautiful
music. Thank you for the love we feel for you and from you.  The Lord is
hastening His work,  in Alice Springs! Your hard work
and obedience is bringing forth miracles!

Alice Springs Christmas Zone Conference

Taking a lunch break during zone conference.  Elder and Sister Tennis spoiled us!
This delicious breakfast was a huge hit.  Caramel Frenchtoast with peaches.  
I think President Parker was in heaven!Thank you Elder and Sister Tennis.

Great food!  Great training! and Really great missionaries!  We love you all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Alice Springs Zone Conference

Stopping to strike a pose at the traditional Alice Springs welcome sign! Elder
Hale, Elder Matekohi, Elder Callahan, President Parker, Elder Pitcher, Elder
Toi and Elder Hefa!
Mom and Dad-this picture is for you.  I know you've been following the Aussie
Golfers.  Every where we go, even in Alice Springs, Golf is a big sport here!
This is the great Alice Springs Zone with their new senior couple, Elder and Sister
Tennis! We enjoyed dinner together at this wonderful restaurant. We were blessed 
to be here as they provided a beautiful musical Christmas fireside the next evening
that was absolutely wonderful. This is the best Christmas present ever to be with our
talented missionaries as they sing and teach of Christ. 
Besides both being missionaries, Elder Lee and I share something else- our 
birthdays!  HEre we are with the delicious icecream cakes they surprised us 
with.  Elder Lee your the best!!  Thanks for celebrating with me.Love you
For another birthday surprise- each missionary stuck sticky notes on me with
sweet words and kindnesses.  I've never felt so loved.  Thank you to all of you for 
giving me a birthday I will never forget.
Mingling with members and friends after the Fireside.  Enjoying great food, great
music and great missionaries. An unforgetable evening.Elder Pitcher, Elder Lee,
Elder Johnson, Elder Johnson, Elder Hale, Brother and Sister Marriott, Brother 
and Sister Tennis, Elder Callahan, elder Toi, Sister Fanene, Sister Craig, Elder
McClutchie, Elder Hefa, and Elder Matekohi.