Friday, July 29, 2016

Gorge Wildlife Park

Day #2- off to Gorge Wildlife animal Park.  these kids want to see some kangaroos, 
koalas and wallabys!
even one with a joey in its pouch!
Albino Wallabys.
Yep we have camels in Adelaide!
And this strange creature- a cassawary.
A koala to hold and feed.  This was a great day.  Experiencing many new things
that we don't have in America. 


Dinner together at the mission home. 
Grandma C's homemade chicken noodle soup.  Yummy!!
After a good nights sleep we were off for our first adventure-to see the largest rocking horse
in the world.  That  is the Keller family waving from the top inspite of the frigid temperature 
that day, with wind, rain and hail!
Brighton found a rocking horse inside where it was nice and warm.  
Brinley trying a special Australian treat- Fairy Bread.  
Earning a certificate certifying they actually climbed to the top of the biggest
rocking horse in the world.  
Souvenier from the Toy Factory.  Keller kids love stuffed animals. 
Nothing like hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold day.  


Family from the USA!

Look who we found at the Adelaide Airport!!  Our daughter and son-in-law and 4 of our
granchildren arrived for a visit.  We are sooooooo excited! Welcome to Adelaide!
First to appear were Brinley(7) and Jalen(13).  They have gotten so tall in a year!
Next was Preston who has really grown.  Preston is 9 years old and will be
starting 4th grade in the fall.
And who survived the 17 hour plane ride and still has a smile on his face?  Two
year old Brighton who remembered us!!!  We were so happy he ran to hug us. And
thats Jaimie smiling also.  Happy to have arrived and ready for this adventure
to begin.
And here comes Mike bringing the carseat.  We are so very happy they are here.
That is one long flight for a family of 6 to make. 
Best thing EVER!!!!  Blessed to be a grandmother:)
Blessed to be a grandfather!
Together again:)  Can't believe how much they have all grown.  I don't know who is most 
excited us or them. 
Brighton helping load the luggage into the mission trailor.  I think he's pretty happy
to be off of that plane!
And we're off!  Four adults, 4 children, 9 large suitcases and a whole bunch of
carry-ons.  Let the fun begin!  Family is what its all about. We know families can
be together forever through Heavenly Fathers plan. 

Baptism today!

Today was a very special day for Shanaya Astrid Gordon.  Shanaya was baptized
and became the newest member of the Prospect Ward.  Congratulations Shanaya!
You are a beautiful shining light to your family and to all of us. We love you.
Sister Taylor and Sister Villenueva are sporting big smiles on this wonderful day.
They have been angels to Shanaya as they have taught her about following the
Savior and being baptized. Shanaya was baptized by Brother Addis. 
President Parker and Elder Larkin are happy to share this great message of the 
restored Gospel as we invite all to come unto Christ. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Specialty Training

Today we were with the great Mildura Zone for Specialty Training. Love these valiant
missionaries so much.  They are blessed to have 2 wonderful senior couples who
help them and watch over them.  The St. Johns serving in Berri/Renmark and the
Jurgens in Mildura.  What would we do without senior couples??  It was so
great being with these missionaries.  Loved the spirit we feel when we are with them and
love hearing their comments and experiences.  
Elder and Sister St. John, Sister Rougeau, Sister Truman, Elder and Sister Jurgens
middle: Elder T. Johnson, Elder Lapenmal. Elder Burdge, Elder McMurray, Elder
Martin,  Elder Paeu. Back: Elder AuWong, Elder Raqista Elder Flinders, Elder Christy,
President Parker, Elder K. Johnson.
Celebrated 2 birthdays while we were there.  It was Elder Christys birthday today and
Sister Truman arrived to the mission just in time for us to celebrate her birthday 
which was June 26th. Happy Birthday!! We rejoice with each of these dedicated,
hard working, loving missionaries who just want to serve the Lord. Its  such a blessing 
and privilege to serve with every one of them. 

Multi Stake Fireside

There was a great gathering for the Multi-Stake Monthly Missionary Fireside held 
at the Firle Stake Center. Hosting was the Marion Stake and they did a great job.
New members sharing their testimonies, messages from President Parker and President
Ellis and beautiful music. Missionary work going on in the cultural hall afterwards.
Very exciting!
President and Sister Parker, Sister Cruz, visiting from the Brazil,, Sister
Coultrop and Sister Maea. 
Elder Bennion and Elder Makai sharing the Gospel!
Elder Heindel, Elder Cho, Elder Coroton, baptized today- Brother Sarwari, and 
President Parker.
Sister Taylor, Sister Villenueva, Sister Reyes, Sister Mason, Sister Mcallwane,
Sister Townsend .

Sister Coultrop, Sister Freitas, Sister Maea, sister Ma, Sister Collins and Sister Reyes.
Elder Bennion, Elder  Ruppe, Elder  Makai, Elder  Tolbert, just baptized today- Guan Wang
and Sadiq Sarwari, Elder Heindel and Elder Coroton. 


Arrivers Training #2

New missionaries and their trainers gathered for training at the Firle Chapel.  Some
missionaries were joing us on skype from Darwin, alice Springs and Mildura. These
are very happy missionaries and we are very happy to have them here. 
Is there anything our two talented assistants cannot do?  I think not!  Here Elder
Flinders plays prelude hymns as the missionaries gather.  We are so blessed by
the missionaries in the Australia Adelaide Missions musical talents. 
Elder and sister Larkin and Elder and Sister Hall have a delicious lunch all ready for
the missionaries after a great morning of training.We have the best senior couples
ever in this mission. Elder and Sister Hall also joined in the training as our new flat
coordinators.  They are doing a fabulous job!!!
Lunch time!  Elder Ellingson, Elder Payne and Elder Arnaud.
Elder Hartman and Elder Rodovan.
Sister Teuira and Sister Garrote. Notice the coats-its always freezing in the chapel!
Elder Mose, Elder Kelly and Elder Cho.
Elder Hale, Elder Komaisavai, Elder Cho, Elder Heindle and Elder Coroton.
President Parker  and Assistants, Elder Flinders and Elder McMurray.
Elder Shortland and Elder Komaisavai.
Elder Shortland, Elder Komaisavai and Elder Flinders
Back to training and intently taking good notes!  Are these incredible missionaries or
what!!  They are so wonderful and diligent. Desiring to be exactly obedient and
learning all they can so they can hasten the work here in the Adelaide Mission.