Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zone Conference in Murray Bridge

So we got up bright and early Tuesday morning and made the beautiful drive to 
Murray Bridge for Zone Conference. The sky was blue and the grass was green!
You can notice our GPS on our dashboard which is our best friend these days. 
I don't know how you would get around Australia without one?  
This is the great Mount Barker Zone!  Elder and Sister Larkin made the trip
to bring us lunch and do some training for us. As well as Elder and Sister Gray
who came to train on having a house of order or... cleanliness is next to
Godliness.Elder Taleo, Elder Pitcher, Elder Pitama, Sister Taylor, Elder McClutchie,
Sister Foo'logo, Elder Lapenmal, Sister Esplin, Elder Johnson and Sister Abonalas.
Lunchtime!!  Sisters first:)
Next come the very hungry Elders. 
Elder B. Johnson and his companion Elder Lapenmal.  Inspite of their size
difference, this is a great companionship who work so hard and are blessing lives!
Today Elder Lapenmal bore his testimony in English and did fantastic!! Thanks to
much hard work and his great companion! True brothers in the Gospel.
President Parker and Elder Larkin have a chat with the great ward mission leader 
of the Murray Bridge Ward, Brother Murray!
Two of our favorite people ever!  Elder and Sister Gray. The Grays will be going
home very soon and they will be missed by all. They have served us all with all
of their heart, might, mind and strength!  Today they are presenting a couple of
"Cleanliness is next to Godliness"  awards to those who have been complimented
on their wonderfully clean flats!!
This is the first bridge built to cross the Murray River.  This is a beautiful community
and we loved visiting there. 

This was the scenery going home. Green rolling hills and beautiful roads.  Its
amazing how great all the roads are without any snow damage.  They are very
well maintained and we just look forward to days we get to travel somewhere

Baptisms in Prospect Ward

Saturday there were several baptisms in the Adelaide Mission!  We attended a 
triple baptism in the Prospect Ward.  Congratulations to Sophie, Kam and John,
who were all baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We 
are so happy you've chosen to follow the example of our Savior and be baptized.
What a great day!  We love you.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Zone Conference

We started our 2nd round of Zone Conferences since we arrived in Adelaide.  
This is the great Mildura Zone. Elder Boyd, Elder Fuhriman, elder Barnett, 
Elder Hamilton, Elder Peau, Elder Anton, Elder Pitama(assistant), Elder Litster,
Elder Pitcher (assistant), Elder Escueta, Elder Kelese, Elder Punou, Elder Kata,
elder Hefa, Elder and Sister Jurgens, Sister Mason and Sister Tamana. Hard
working missionaries with one purpose, to invite others to come unto Christ.
We love you Elders and Sisters!

One last group of lunch pictures!

More luncheon pictures!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Elder and Sister Pearsons Visit to the Australia Adelaide Mission

The President of the Pacific Area, Elder Pearson and his dear wife came to stay and
do some training with us and our missionaries. It was wonderful from start to finish.  
We love them dearly and enjoyed every minute as they taught us.  What a privilege 
to learn from them and feel the spirit they bring with them. It  was a powerful 2 days
and we are excited to see how our mission moves forward with the great vision
that was presented to all of us.  We love you Elder and Sister Pearson and thank you
for all you do to hasten the work in the Pacific Area. 

Here our great Senior Couples prepare a wonderful lunch for about 100 hungry
missionaries!  Thank you to all of you for your continual efforts in watching over 
this mission. We love you.
Alright these next few pictures are for all of you parents wanting to see your
great sons and daughters !!  I tried to catch them all. 

Friends Leaving!

After a great trip up north, we returned in time to see our dear friends, Elder and
Sister Smith leaving to return to their family in Salt Lake City, Utah. This place
won't be the same without them and we will miss them terribly.  Like President
Parker always says....You can always extend:)  We love you to Utah and back!

Alice Springs

This is President Ford. We were privileged to meet many of his family members 
at this District Conference.  They provided a dinner for us that was unbelievable!!
We so enjoyed the Conference and getting to know many of the wonderful
members who attend the Alice Springs Branch. The theme was Honoring
the Sabbath Day and the messages given were just powerful.  Thank you to all
who participated and made this conference possible. We love you.

Here we are with Brother Gary Bird and his brother.  They came all the way in
from the Bush to be with us at Conference.  Brother Bird shared his great
testimony with us in the Conference and we are so thankful they were there.  
We look forward to getting to know them better over the next 3 years. 

More family members who came for the Conference. We felt such a great spirit
being with all of you and thank you for coming. These are good families who
want to come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. 
ITs so great to come half way around the world and find brothers in the Gospel
serving their families and others. These are great men. 
We couldn't leave without taking a picture of these fabulous missionaries. They
worked together and made a pinewood derby car to enter in their area pinewood 
derby competition. This wasn't just an ordinary car. It was a missionary riding
in the car complete with missionary tag , carrying the flag with Alma 29:9. And
they won a blue ribbon.  Even better than that..... they did much missionary work 
thru service and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they got to know many in
their community through scouting.  Congratulations to all of you!

Our Travels to Alice Springs

We arrived in Alice Springs and began Specialized Training right away.  First
things first, we had to celebrate some birthdays with Elder Cultura and Elder
This is the wonderful Alice Springs Zone.  Elder Mueco, Elder Lee, Elder Rigby,
Elder Toi, Elder Morganti, Elder Cultura, Elder and Sister St. John, Sister Fanene 
and Sister Christie.  Great missionaries doing the Lords work!
After Training all day and a wonderful lunch provided by the St. Johns, it was 
time to feed some hungry missionaries again.  We went to Sammys Pizza and
enjoyed dinner together. 
I think some missionaries got a hold of my camera!!  I think Elder Lee and Elder 
Mueco are telling us that if you don't know which way to go in life, ask the missionaries!
They will be happy to teach you where you came from, what we need to do, and
where we are going!
Elder Rigby and Elder Toi!  These are serious missionaries! They have been living 
out in the Bush doing a great work.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Great trip to Darwin!

President and I landed in Darwin and met a couple of our great missionaries at
Subway to pick up lunch.  Here is President and Elder Hartley  the great Zone
Leader of the Darwin Zone and his faithful new companion Elder Glova.
Here President Parker is making sure these wonderful missionaries know how
much we love them.  
Being trained on obedience, the Light of Christ and the Atonement. We loved 
being together with these obedient missionaries. Sister Villianueva, Sister Goisisi,
Sister Reyes, Elder Henderson, Elder Duabe, Elder Seru, Elder Heindel, Elder
Costalas, Elder Johnson, Elder Glove and Elder Hartley, we love you.
Dinner together after training at Prickles. Yes, we found good Mexican food
in Darwin!  The sisters enjoy kids size nachos while as you can see, the Elders 
feasted on steak and ribs. 
Elder Heindel and Elder Seru ate every bite!!
Elder Costalas, Elder Johnson, President Parker, Elder Glove and Elder Hartley
finishing off the appetizers. 
We were actually happy that these great Elders needed to get going.  That means
they have appointments to invite others to Christ. Thats why we are here!  
This group of wonderful missionaries are working so hard to find those who
are searching for the truth. We love you so much and love hearing of the 
miracles happening in the Northern Territory!
Here Elder Hartley, Elder Duabe and Elder Henderson do some planning to 
make every minute count. There is nothing we love better than to see
missionaries with a great plan!