Saturday, January 2, 2016

More Sisters Christmas Conference

These sisters prepared a wonderful lunch for all of us.  Chicken crescent sandwiches,
red hot jello, pita chips and avacado dip, vegetables and brownies with peppermint
icecream for dessert. Thank you sisters! 
Now this is fun!  I love these great missionaries! Sister Townsend, Sister Asera, 
Sister Siale, Sister Taylor, Sister Abonales, Sister Fa'alogo and Sister Boswell!
Sister Ma, Sister Esplin, Sister Taufa and Sister Coultrop!
Sister Freitas and Sister Mason!
Sister Vaioleti, Sister Vaitaiki and Sister Ma!

Sister Garrote, Sister Condie, Sister Reyes, Sister Goisisi, Sister Rougeau and
Sister Reola!
Sister Makaya and Sister Omugtong!
Sister Tamana, Sister Townsend and Sister Boswell!
Sister Rougeau, Sister Reola and Sister Tuu'u!
Sister Soh, Sister Lee-Lo and Sister St. John!

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