Sunday, March 27, 2016


This is Sarah.  Sister Mason and Sister Reyes, did a wonderful job of inviting 
sarah to come unto Christ.  They have taught her about baptism, repentence,
receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and what it means to endure to the end.
Congratulations Sarah.  We love you.

Thank you for letting us all share this special day with you. 

Self Reliance class and Airport

Self Reliance Class taught by Elder and sister Larkin. This is a great blessing
from the missionary department of the church to help prepare missionaries
as they go home.  Elder and Sister Larkin are perfect for teaching this class.  They 
do a fantastic job. 

After goodbyes at the mission office, Elder and Sister LArkin take these
Elders to the airport .  All are headed to the United States. We love you 
Elders. God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Keller and Elder Acker.

Elder Maughn and Elder Jacobson.

Early the next morning, Sister Soh departed for Singapore.

Saying goodbye to Sister Tuu'u later that day. 

This is always a sad sight:(  We love you Elders and Sisters!

And who is this????  Elder Keller at home in Paragonah, Utah giving his
homecoming talk in sacrament Meeting.  He is here with Elder and Sister
Smith who served as an office couple here in Adelaide.  These 3 served
together in Mt. Gambier for several months so they were happy to 
reunite back at home. Love and miss you all.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


This is the legendary Elder Jacobson.  Elder Jacobson put it all on the alter and
his example blessed so many missionaries.  We love you so much and will
miss you always. 

A special place on the tie board awaits this tie!  We love your attitude and
diligence and hard work  Elder  Jacobson. You are a great leader and that
chair in MLC will not be the same without you.  

Love this missionary!!  Elder Maughn has served valiantly and is a great leader
in this mission.  We have learned much from you and we can't wait to see what
the Lord has in store for you.

Not wanting to part with this tie?, or a little worried that President Parker has 
scissors in his hands?  

Last but certainly not least, President Mark Rice, President Parkers counselor
in the Mission Presidency in the Australia Adelaide Mission.  President Rice
is leaving to serve a service mission in Vanuatu. This great man and his wife,
who passed away a few years ago, raised an incredible family and now have 
a great posterity who are continuing the legacy of raising righteous families
to the Lord. We have learned so much from your example and you will be greatly

We wish you all the blessings you will need on this grand adventure and you 
will be in our prayers.  We love and appreciate all you do. God be with you
till we meet again. 

Attending the Adelaide Temple with these wonderful missionaries.


Sister Condie is the first missionary tonight to leave a part of herself in this
great mission.  

We will miss you Sister Condie. You have done a great work here.We love you.

Sister Tuu'u is next. What will she leave us?

A piece of a beautiful mission sweater.  Thank you sister Tuu"u.  We miss you
already.  You have a huge place in our hearts.  Heavenly Father is so 
pleased with your consecrated efforts.  We love you.

Our one and only missionary from Singapore is going home. Sister Soh leaves
with us a piece of a beautiful sweater.  We love you so much Sister Soh.  What
an incredible leader you are. We can't wait to see how the Lord will use 
your gifts to hasten His work wherever you go. 

We will always remember the wonderful Valentines Day!!!  Love you.

We miss you Elder Acker!   Always a happy missionary and looking for ways
to serve.  Thank you for the great works and the peoples lives you
changed by teaching them about the Savior.  

We will miss that great smile.   Love you to Denver and back Elder Acker!!

This is the great Elder  Keller!!  Love this obedient missionary who just
goes about doing good.  You have blessed many, including your love
for your companions.

We love and miss you Elder Keller.  We know the Lord has great things 
in store for you. 


A new group of wonderful missionaries have completed their fulltime service
to the Lord and will be returning home. Our farewell dinner was filled with
good food, testimonies, some laughs and many tears. Sister Condie, Sister Tuu'u,
Sister Soh, elder Acker, Elder Keller, Elder Maughn and Elder Jacobson. 

The evening began with a wonderful dinner provided by our senior office

Happy to be sharing this time together........

But...sad to be leaving!

Sister Parker reminding all of these missionaries to share a miracle from their
missions for our miracle book.

Why are these sisters huddled together??  We've been having air conditioning
problems at the mission home and it was pretty chilly!!!

Elder Larkin and Elder Wilmott on dish duty.  We are so appreciative of all of our
senior missionaries.  

A special guest at our dinner tonight is President Mark Rice, 1st counselor
in the mission presidency here.  But..he is leaving us to serve a mission in
Vanuatu.  We will miss him terribly but know that President and Sister Granger
are doing cartwheels with him coming!  A dear friend forever.

Senior couples with the missionaries leaving.  They serve so faithfully together
and there is a great love between the younger missionaries and the senior couples.
We all shed tears when they go:(

Friday, March 25, 2016


We had a great visit with one of our former missionaries, Sister Funaki. Thank you
for taking the time to come and see us and fill us in on all you are doing.
Nothing brings us more joy than to see a returned missionary continue to
share the Gospel, serve in the Ward or Branch and follow the plan. Sister
Funaki is doing all of this and more.  We rejoice with you and love you.

Sister Condie has completed her mission and was ready to get on the plane back
to the USA when in walked her family to surprise her!  Meet the Condie family 
from Farmington Utah. They will visit some of the areas Sister Condie has
served in, spend a day in Sydney and then return home.  It was a pleasure
meeting one of the families of our wonderful missionaries. 

Alice Springs

One more stop we had to make on the way home from Tenant Creek was at 
"Devils Marbles."  These round boulders look like a huge can of marbles were 
just dumped in the middle of the outback.  There are no other rocks like this
for hundreds of miles. Just sitting out in the middle of nowhere!

The next day after zone training, the wonderful Elder and Sister Tennis once
again treated us to their delicious cooking. Not sure how we got so blessed to 
have the best senior couples ever.  All are dear friends forever. Love you
Elder and Sister Tennis.

Elder Tennis, Elder Callahan, Elder Heindel, Sister Ma and Sister Maea.
Fabulous missionaries.  

Elder Anderson, Elder U-Fa, Elder Flinders, Elder Hammond, Elder T. Johnson
and Elder Hale. Love these valiant missionaries.

Elder Matekohi and Elder McClutchie doing the dishes. There mothers taught
them well.  Thank you.

A delicious dinner topped off with ice cream and peach cobbler-one of President
Parkers favorite things.  Sister Tennis you always spoil us.

The great Elder U-Fa always a gentleman and serving others. He gave up the
life of a boxer in Tahiti to serve a full time mission for the Lord.  What a 
great example of putting it on the alter of sacrifice. Love you Elder!