Friday, January 15, 2016

Arrivers Dinner!

After a long day, these Elders are ready for a delicious dinner and find out who 
their new companions/trainers will be. 
Its great weather for a barbecue so thats what we did!
With just one great new sister missionary, the suspense of finding out who
her trainer will be wasn't quite as surprising as the Elders. Sister Mongan,
meet your new companion, Sister Abonales!  She's awesome just like you.
Its so fun to get to know each other and the suspense is building to see who will
be with whom?!?! 
I think they've had enough to eat and are just about ready to meet their companions.
Elder Keller, one great missionary and one of our new trainers, with Elder 
Wilmott who helped cook the yummy barbecue tonight.  

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