Monday, February 15, 2016

Missionary Leaving Us!

Another missionary is completing his mission and is returning home!  Elder Togia
who blessed us by extending and staying a few weeks more, has served an
incredible mission, and has been a great leader.  We celebrated his service in the
mission home the evening before he left. Here he is with that great smile we will 
miss eating dessert with Elder Flinders and Elder Matekohi.

A few of the people who will miss him terribly!!

And the tie cutting begins!  Thank you Elder Togia for leaving a piece of yourself 
in the great mission.  You know where that tie will be hanging:)

There you have it. We love that face!!

Elder Togia has blessed this mission in so many ways.  He has an incredible voice
that soothes the soul, and plays the guitar and leads with compassion and love, 
fears no man, works extremely hard and is exactly obedient. A pretty great list
of Christ like attributes!

Righteous warriors and eternal friends. God be with you til'we meet again Elder
Togia.  We love you forever.

Had to add one more picture!  This face says it all!  Elder Togia makes all of us

Valentines Day 2016!

These Sister Missionaries Are amazing!!!  Sister Soh, sister Lee-Lo and Sister
Fa'alogo, three of our Sister Training Leaders and their companions surprised
the senior office couples with a wonderful Valentines dinner complete with
entertainment, beautiful music and getting aquainted activities.  We had no
idea the treat we were in for!
Cooking up a storm!! This dinner was so wonderful.  Better than any 

Sister Soh and Sister Vaitaiki know their way around a kitchen!!

Absolutely beautiful!

Starting with a beautifully decorated table!

Mood music by Sister Taylor!

Couldn't have been a more perfect evening!  Thank you to these very thoughtful
talented sister missionaries.  We love you so very much.

Right down to the sparkling grapejuice the dinner was fabulous!  A Valentines
Day to remember.
They cooked the dinner, provided the entertainment, and cleaned up everything 
afterwards and wouldn't let us lift a finger.  They spoiled us!  We love you 
sisters.  Thank you for making us feel so special. You are amazing!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Missionary

Picked up a brand new wonderful missionary today at the airport, Elder Langi
from Tonga!  Elder Langi arrived by himself from the Auckland MTC and we
are thrilled to have him here in the Australia Adelaide Mission.  
Elder Langi with his new mission president. Both are all smiles.  Its always
a great day when we get new missionaries.  

Welcome Elder Langi!  We love you and are so thankful you are here. 
Elder Langi with Elder and Sister Larkin.  Our senior missionaries love these
missionaries and serve them well.  Now we will head back to the mission office
so Elder  Langi can begin life as a missionary in the best mission ever!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Its that time again!  That happy sad day when missionaries are getting ready to
return home. The senior missionaries put together a wonderful dinner for the 
missionaries leaving us.  

The night before he leaves, Elder Orr lets the cat out of the bag, that he plays the

These two great missionaries knew each other in the MTC.  then they were companions
twice on their missions.  Most recently they have been Traveling companions
training and teaching all over the mission.  They have done a great work. The
mission will not be the same without them. We love you both.

Time for the traditional tie cutting! Looks like Elder Orr is ready to part with
his tie for the board.

Elder Pitcher has served as Assistant to the President for several months.  You 
have given your all and you will be missed.  What a great leader you have been. 

Elder Pitcher and Elder Orr will both be returning to Canada.  They will be on the
same flight home. We are excited for them to be reunited with their great families.
What a privilege it has been to serve with these great missionaries.  Can't wait
to see what the Lord has in store for them next.  
Our senior couples pray for, serve and love these missionaries like their own. 
Hope these Elders feel very loved because they are!  Best wishes to you as you
continue to follow the Lords plan for you. You will be in our prayers.

Australia Adelaide Temple

A blessed day.  In the Temple with 3 missionaries who are completing their missions.  
Elder Orr, Elder Pitcher and Elder Togia are great leaders in our mission
and they will be missed tremendously. We are so thankful for their consecrated 
lives. We love you great Elders.

Also with us in the Temple today was the great MLC of the Australia Adelaide
Mission.  Elder MAnnering, Elder Wilkins, Elder Flinders, Elder Matekohi, Elder 
Orr, Elder Pitcher, Elder McMurray, Elder Togia, Elder Tolbert, Elder Coroton,
Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Soh and Sister Lee-Lo.  Along with our senior office
missionaries. An unforgettable day.

Sister Missionaries:)

Specialty Training

Specialty Training with the Firle Zone.  Our Assistants to the President with the
District Leader of the new City District, the great Elder Hartley!!
Sister Missionaries feasting on barbecue salad, vegetables and dip, wheat rolls and 

fruit. Yummy!
Elder Acker, Elder Soli and Elder Matekohi. Love these great missionaries!
Plates piled high for hungry Elders!  Elder Revillo, Elder Coroton, Elder Leutele,
Elder Cultura, Elder Buouche, Elder Betonio, Elder Acker and Elder Soli.

Elder Cultura, Elder Bouche and new missionary, Elder Payne. He says, missionary
life is great!  As a mission, we are being blessed and there is excitement as
there is always change!  Love you Elders.
Love these Elders!  Elder Woodford and Elder Anderson serving in the Firle 
Zone. Loved the great comments today from everyone as the Spirit taught us together.
Office couples providing lunch once again.  Thank you to all.  Sister St. John,
Elder and Sister Larkin.

Army of the great Marion Zone in the Australia Adelaide Mission!  This is a 
powerful group of Elders. Elder Nelson, Elder Keller, Elder Kendall, Elder McMurray, 
Elder Elder Gaastra, Elder Taleo, Elder Martineau, Elder Kata, Elder Foiakau, 
Elder Pitcher, Elder Orr, Elder Wilkins, Elder Matekohi, Elder Ruppe, Elder Taylor,
Elder Jacobson, Elder Flinders, Elder Jarrett, Elder Skadins and Elder Hayes.

Equally as powerful sister missionaries.  These are Gospel teaching, bike riding,
fearless  disciples of Christ.  Sister Freitas, Sister Coultrop, Sister Vaitaiki, Sister
Fa'alogo, Sister Condie, Sister Makaya, Sister Mongan and Sister Abonalas. 

More Mildura

Elder Mikami, Elder Fleming, Elder Boyd and Elder Lapenmal. Great obedient,

Meeting with the Assistants, the Mildura Zone Leaders and Sister Tamana, the sister
training leader here and her wonderful companion Sister Townsend over dinner at
Hogsbreath Cafe. (a missionary favorite)Much to talk about and counsel on because
of all the miracles happening in Mildura. 

Elder Paeu and Elder Fleming!  Valiant Elders!!

Specialty Training

On the drive to Mildura we saw this beautiful rainbow-the first we've seen in

These are emus. We always see them at a distance as we drive to Mildura but 
today they were closer.  We pulled over to the side of the road and they all started 
running towards us.  It reminded me of what turkeys do.  I think they figured we
were there to feed them. These are awesome looking animals and I've never
seen an emu in the US?
After a wonderful Sabbath Day we began Specialty Training with the Mildura

New companions- Sister Tamana and Sister Townsend.  These incredible
sister missionaries are great leaders. President Parker and I were able to out
to minister with them and it was wonderful.  Thank you sisters for your great
efforts in bringing many unto Christ. It was a joy to be with you.
Healthy lunchtime!!Elder Barnes and Elder Hamilton smiling about the veggies:)
Thank you to Elder and Sister Jurgens for a delicious healthy lunch.  We are
in awe of all you do.  Thank you for your good works , your examples and
your devotion to this work. We love you.
Elder Lapenmal, Elder Fleming, Elder Maughn, Elder  Paeu, and Elder Punou.

Two great missionaries!  Elder Matekohi and Elder Punuo. Love those faces!!!
Elder Punuo, elder Matekohi, Elder Jurgens, Elder Flinders, Elder Mikami and 
President Parker.

Elder Mikami, Elder Matekohi, Elder Fleming, Elder Maughn and Elder Flinders.