Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alice Springs

As Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel prepare the Sacrament trays, we could
see how these children have been taught to know that this is a special time.  
They were watching very carefully.
These sweet children are ready to sing and they were so reverent during the sacrament.  
They have the light of Christ in their eyes. Thank you for coming and learning
about the Savior and how to follow Him.  We loved being in church with all
of you today.
Elder Callahan and Elder HEindel share pictures and stories about Jesus Christ
with these sweet children.  

Sacrament Meeting is done for another week . Pushing the car back where we 
found it until next week. These Elders work so hard to invite all to come unto
Christ. We loved, and respected them before, but it was so great to spend the
day with them and watch all they do.  What a joy it is to serve with such valiant
consecrated missionaries. Oh how we love them. Can't wait to come back. 

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