Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sisters Conference

And what are these two doing at the sisters Conference?  They are the icecream
Sister Wilmott and her daughter Nadia joined us. We loved having Nadia, her
husband Andrew and their 3 awesome children with us.  Nadia and Andrew
helped with many things during the Christmas holidays.  Thank you to both of
you. And thank you Sister Wilmott for sharing what Christmas is all about to you.
Your testimony always shines in all you do.  You should be given the opportunity
to speak in many more meetings and conferences:)
Sister Hall and Sister Jurgens! Its always so fun when you drive in to Adelaide.  
These are 2 hard working sisters who are so fun to be with.  Thank you for all you
do. You are remarkable you know!  Thank you to all of the Senior sisters who shared
aa Christmas tradition with all of us.  We are so blessed by your testimonies and
your experiences. 
Two eternal friends-Sister Tuu'u and Sister Condie. Great sister missionaries!
Two more eternal friends!  Always have been- always will be!
Joining us by skype are the Darwin sisters! Sister Farrer, Sister Rooarii and Sister
Villenueva.  We love you sisters.  It was so great to be able to have you with us. 
We love you so much!
And Sister St. John is skyping in the Alice Springs sisters! Sister Tennis, Sister
Craig and Sister Fanene. We love you sisters. We are so grateful for skype!  

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