Friday, January 15, 2016

Back at the Mission Office

It's a beautiful day in Adelaide and a perfect day to take new missionary
photos. This is the heart beat of the mission and these new missionaries will
get oriented today and meet the office staff and many great missionaries. 
Hopefully, they can stay awake to meet their trainers later on.

Sisters first is an Australia Adelaide Mission rule.  We love you Sister 
Mongan.  Sister Mongan comes from a great missionary minded family.

This handsome Elder is Elder Ellingson from Mesa, Arizona. He is ready and
excited to get to work.  Infact, the Assistants took these new Elders down to
the City to proselyte even before we could get back from the airport. We love you
Elder Ellingson.
This is the great Elder Nelson from Chicago.  It won't be as cold here as 
Chicago gets and there is no snow but you will find this is a beautiful
country and great things are ahead. We love you Elder Nelson.
We put 2 missionaries on the plane this morning to New Zealand and picked up
this great Elder from the same place.  Welcome Elder Gaastra. Great missionaries
come from New Zealand!  We are so excited to have you serving with us.  We 
love you.
This is Elder Dietze from Canada.  It will also not be as cold as Canada here. 
We are confident great things are ahead for you Elder and we can see you
are ready to be obedient and work hard.  We love you.
We love you already Elder Payne.  This is exactly where you should be and
we can't wait to get to know you better and see you reap the harvest. We love
you Elder. Welcome!

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