Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Dinner, Talent Show and Gifts from Redrock Stake!

Christmas afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful talent show by our very talented
missionaries. This is the great Marion Zone sharing a beautiful Christmas carol
for us. 
The finale and surprise performance at the end of the talent show, was 
tenderly and sweetly performed by Wilmotts grandson, Jase.  He excitedly
announced he wanted a turn and walked bravely to the front and sang
his perfect rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which was the perfect
song to end on. It felt so right that we were all reminded of all becoming
as a little child. We loved your song Jase! Thank you for singing. 

At the end of each Zone Conference a gift was left for each missionary with 
a new beautiful picture of the Savior to hang in their flats. We were very blessed
this year to have help from our home Stake in Las Vegas Nevada from members
who sent gifts to our missionaries so each would have a gift to open on Christmas 
day. A huge thank you to the Redrock Stake  for your kindness and generosity
at this time of the year. We love and miss you and are grateful for your prayers
and support. 

Thank you to everyone who generously helped our missionaries enjoy a 
wonderful Christmas. Thank you to the Redrock Stake, many parents who 
generously shared and to all who took time to make your missionaries feel
very loved. Most importantly, we studied of Christ, we sang of Christ, we
studied of Christ, we preach of Christ and we invite all to come unto Christ.
We know He lives.  We testify of His life, his death and His resurrection. 
IF you want to grow closer to the Savior this year, let us teach you about Him.
His arms are outstretched to you.  We love you, Missionaries of the Australia
Adelaide Mission.

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