Friday, June 24, 2016

Leavers Dinner

Next is Sister Fa'alogo.  She is leaving a piece of a favorite skirt for our tie board 
in the mission home.  Love this wonderful missionary.

When I think of Sister  Fa'alogo I think of someone who knows the scriptures

very well and who has great charity. 
And there you go!!  Love you forever Sister Fa'alogo. Always catch the wave!!!
Elder McClutchie is President Parkers first victim to snip off the tie!!  Thats a really 
nice tie Elder-are you sure???
Too late!  We love you Elder McClutchie!  What fond memories we have with you.
Especially our trip to Tenant Creek where you fed us so well.  Love this great
Elder Costales is next.  Is this a great smile or what!  You cannot not be happy around
this missionary.  A great leader and a great disciple of Christ.  We miss you
already .  
We love you so much Elder Costales. A great leader in this mission.
You have served with all diligence and done a great work here in the Australia
Adelaide Mission.  
The great Elder Boyd!!!  One talented, hard working, humble, obedient Elder
who gave  his all.  We will miss the great leadership of this fantastic missionary. 
We love you Elder Boyd and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you 
We miss you already Elder Boyd!  What a blessing to serve with such an incredible
missionary. You are in our hearts forever.
Another great missionary who has served with all of his heart, might, mind and
strength.  We love you Elder Woodford.  You always make me smile. Thank you 
for the great work you have done here in this mission.
Exciting things ahead for this Elder.  Follow the Lords plan and we will look
forward to hearing of the good things you are doing.  We love you and miss you. 


Another emotional evening as we said goodbye to 6 incredible missionaries.  Sister
Fa'alogo, Sister Abonales, Elder McClutchie, Elder  Costales, Elder Boyd and Elder
Woodford are returning home with honor.
The evening always starts with a special dinner in the mission home. Man, we will 
miss these great Elders. 
Sister Abonales and Sister Fa'alogo- 2 wonderful sisters who have served so
faithfully. We love you sisters.
These are the Elders that make it all happen!!  Elder McMurray and Elder Flinders!
President Parkers right arm and his left as well!  Here with Elder Larkin who also
makes it happen.  We are so blessed to have such hard working, talented missionaries. 
Its tiime for some tie and skirt/scarf cutting.  Sister Abonales is ready to leave
a part herself in the Australia Adelaide Mission.Love this sister with all of 
our hearts!!!
Leaving a piece of a favorite skirt. 
We will miss you Sister Abonales!  Thank you for all you have done to build 
the Lords kingdom here in this mission.   We will miss that beautiful smile.
We love you.

Senior Couple Fireside

Saturday evening, June 18th we held a special fireside at the mission home for all
of our senior couples. The St. Johns drove in from Berri and so we had 5 couples join 
us  here.  We also had our 3 couples who serve in Darwin, Alice Springs and Mildura
join us by skype. Pictured above:  Elder and Sister Larkin, Elder and Sister St. John,
elder and Sister Sennett, Elder and Sister Wilmott, President and Sister Parker and
Elder and Sister Hall.  On the i-pads: Elder and Sister Tennis, Elder and Sister Jurgens
and Elder and Sister Farrer.
Sharing thoughts from General Conference.
We are so grateful for the best senior couples ever!  The greatest blessing is how much 
they love these missionaries.  We thank them for all they do as they give their heart,
might, mind and strength  every single day to their callings as full time missionaries. 


Last week we attended the Temple with all of the missionaries that will be leaving
in the next 2 weeks.  All were able to attend except Elder McClutchie who has been 
serving in Tenant Creek.  President and I were able to spend a wonderful evening
in the Temple with him when he arrived.  There is nothing greater then being in the 
House of the Lord with a valiant missionary.
President Soininen , the Australia Adelaide Temple President was kind enough to
join us for a photo.  A special memory for Elder McClutchie.  We love President
and Sister Soininen so much.  They are consecrated disciples of Christ and our
dear friends. They love having the missionaries in the Temple. What a blessing!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Whats this???  Our first missionary to complete his mission and return home and...
get married!  You win in every way Elder Litster!  Congratulations to you and Emili!
Congratulations to beautiful Sister Kereama who looks absolutely radiant!  So happy
for you and Al. 
Congratulations to Elder Orr and his beautiful wife Janae.  So happy for these
great missionaries who went home and have been sealed in the House of the Lord.
True joy!!  We love you all.

Boot Camp Zone Conference

Boot Camp Zone Conference in Mildura consisted of great training, much role playing
, evaluating and training again.  Here great sisters  , sister Matthes, sister Townsend and 
Sister Rougeau teach Elder Au Wong and get him thinking with great questions.
Elder Punou and Elder Christy ask Elder Raiqista some soul searching questions.
These Elders surprised Sister Wilmott with a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday.
Thank you to Elder Paeu, Elder McMurray, Elder K. Johnson, Elder Punou and
Elder Raiqisa.
Another surprise for Sister Wilmott!!  She is very loved!!!The Mildura Zone 
singing Happy Birthday to Sister Wilmott complete with the hip hip hoorahs at
the end!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Leavers Dinner

After sweet tender testimonies shared it is time to leave something behind in this
great mission.  Sister Siale was first.  You are leaving an empty place Sister
Siale as you leave.  You have served with all of your heart, might, mind and strength.
Well done.  We love you and know great things are ahead.
A piece of a favorite skirt, that Sister Siale said made it through her whole mission!  
Next is Sister Reola. Sister Reola has been serving in Darwin and has done a great
work.  I know there were many tears shed when she left. We will miss you sister
Reola but thank you for the great service you have given here in the Australia
Adelaide Mission.  We love you so much. 
Sister Reola leaving behind a piece of a favorite skirt.  We will think of you with lots
of love every time we see this on the tie board. 
The legendary Elder Toi!  Leaving behind his Bush tie.  We already miss this great smile 
and your leadership.  Great things ahead for this powerful missionary.  ITs been an 
honor to serve with you and we will miss you terribly.  
President Parker gets that tie cut pretty quick!  We love you Elder Toi.  God bless until
we meet again. 

Leavers Temple Day

So blessed to spend the morning in the House of the Lord with these wonderful
missionaries who will be returning home this month. Pull it together Sister Parker!!
A very happy but emotional day.  Love them all so much. Sister Fa'alogo, Sister
Abonales, Sister Siale, and sister Reola. Elder  Costales, Elder Toi, Elder Woodford 
and Elder  Boyd.
We will miss these great missionaries so much.  Wonderful leaders in the best
mission ever!
These are beautiful, valiant, talented, obedient disciples of Christ. They are ready
to light up the world.  Love each one of you sisters. 
After attending the Temple, a self reliance class, last interview with President
Parker and lots of packing, its time for a nice evening in the mission home
before these 3 great missionaries return home to their families. 
A yummy dinner!
Love and respect this great Elder!  We will miss him so. One of the great leaders of
this mission. Served out bush, was an assistant to the President while in Darwin 
and always obedient and diligent. We can always trust and count on Elder  Toi to do
what the Lord would want. We love you Elder Toi. 
Senior couples with these 3 amazing missionaries.  They are very loved by us all.


Boot Camp Zone Conference

These are the beautiful sisters of the Marion Zone here to become even better
master teachers. Sister Mason, Sister Tamana, Sister Kosoltrakul, Sister Abonales,
Sister Ma, Sister Freitas and sister Violeti.  Love these sisters!
After training all morning, these are some hungry missionaries.  Elder Glova, Elder
Betonio, Elder  McMurray, Elder Costales, Elder Hartman, Elder Barnes, Elder 
Komaisavai, Elder  Fitzpatrick, Elder Jugo, Elder Kendall and Elder Mueco. Love
these Elders!
Elder and Sister Hall who came to help us with the lunch today.  They are now the
new Senior Couple over flats.  Whew!  We are so grateful for them .  They have so many
talents and skills that are blessing the Australia Adelaide Mission.  We love you Elder
and Sister Hall.  And this is Elder Mc Murray who is enjoying salad.  None finer
than Elder McMurray! He is one of the best Assistants to the President a mission
could have. Great teacher-great missionary!
Elder Mannering one of the Zone Leaders of the Marion Zone here with Elder
Nelson and Elder Mooney. Love these hard working Elders.
These are happy missionaries who love this work.  Elder Komaisavai, Elder Jugo, 
Elder Mose, Elder Gaastra and Elder Flinders!!
Elder Fitzpatrick Elder Kendall (Zone Leader), Elder Mueco, Elder Glova. Elder
Betonio, Elder Costales and Elder HArtman.How many pizzas does it take to feed
this zone?  Alot!!!
We were very happy to have Elder Barnes and Elder Mueco join us for this Zone
Conference.  They serve in Mount Gambier, a 5 hour drive from Adelaide so they
usually join us by skype or on the phone.  This 12 hour Boot Camp was worth
the drive.  We saw many miracles today.  Love you Elders!
Elder and Sister Hall with Elder Komaisavai and Elder Gaastra. We are so
blessed to have the senior couples who love the younger missionaries so much
and the younger missionaries love the senior couples so much.  This is a great
plan!! And these are the birthdays we are celebrating in June for this Zone. 
Elder Komaisavai and Elder since the Halls were in Mount Gambier
when it was Sister  Halls birthday we celebrated with her as well.  Elder
Gaastra did well earning his companions birthday treat! Happy Birthday:)