Friday, January 15, 2016

New Missionaries!!

Now that we have seen the older missionaries off- we will introduce our new
arriving missionaries!  This is such a great sight to see. These Elders have flown 
a long way but they look great and we are so happy they are here! 
First we have Elder Payne from Orem, Utah!  Not far from where I grew up in
Pleasant Grove. Welcome Elder Payne!  Thank you for answering the call
to serve!  Your going to love it here.
Next we have Elder Dietze from Pincher Creek, Canada. Welcome to the Australia
Adelaide Mission- the best mission on the planet.  We are thrilled you are here.
Can't wait to see how the Lord will direct you here. 

Meet Elder Nelson from Chicago, Illinois. Its wonderful to have you here
Elder Nelson.  Souls are waiting for you to invite them to Come Unto Christ.
We can see you are ready!
Next is Elder Gaastra from Auckland, New Zealand. Welcome Elder Gaastra.
Tonight you'll meet your trainer and will be on your way to converting your
brothers and sisters in Australia. So thankful you are here.

And this is Elder Ellingson from Mesa, Arizona. You are going to love this mission
Elder Ellingson.  We need you and your talents and diligence   to find those 
who are prepared for this great message.  We are so happy you have arrived!
Here are the new Elders with their new Mission President and Elder Purev-Ochir
who is waiting for his plane as he has completed his full time service as a missionary.
The Lords missionary plan is miraculous.  We are blessed to be a part of this 
great work. We love you all already.

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