Friday, January 8, 2016

Celebrating Birthdays in the mission office!

Today we had 2 birthdays in the office to celebrate!  Sister St. John and Elder Larkin.
Here they are blowing out their birthday candle before sharing their cake with everyone.

The office staff and the assisstants who just sang a wonderful rendition of Happy
Birthday to Elder Larkin and Sister St. John!

Its also Elder Kochs birthday today!  He is serving in Katherine with his
companion Elder Duabe.  Here they are enjoying a wonderful birthday
dinner with the Farrers.

I think this is him opening his birthday box from home and receiving his traditional
birthday happy smile from Elder and Sister Farrer!

Looks like yummy birthday dessert to me:)  Happy Birthday Elder Koch!
Hope you all feel very loved today, because you are!!

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