Sunday, January 31, 2016


It's always a blessing to be with our missionaries in Darwin. After a great morning
of training together, we went to Elder and Sister Farrers for a delicious healthy 
lunch. I think a few of our missionaries tried a few vegetables they've never
eaten before.  Way to go!!Elder Farrer, Elder Koch, Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Deitze,
Elder Seru, Elder Duabe, Elder Makai, Elder Toi, Elder Costales, President
Parker, Sister Reola, Sister Rooarii and Sister Farrer.
Elder and Sister Farrer made each of us a Darwin palm tree for dessert out of a
banana, some kiwi, mandarin oranges and blueberries.  They were delicious.  
President Parker even tried his very first kiwi and loved it!
Later that evening after more training, we enjoyed dinner together.  Great things are
happening in the Darwin Zone. These missionaries work hard, even in the heat
and the rain. They are consecrated missionaries and are bringing many to know
JEsus Christ.
President Parker and the great missionary Elder Toi.  Elder Toi has been serving
out bush in Alice Springs for many months and now is transferred to serve in 
Darwin as the northern Territory Assistant to the President.  He is hard working,
courageious and completely obedient and a great leader. Thank you for your
great example Elder Toi and for all you do. We love you.
New sister companions in Darwin- Sister Reola joins Sister Rooarii as the 
sisters in the Darwin Zone. These are two of the best, happiest, hard working
sisters you'll ever meet. We love you sisters. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alice Springs

The next morning we began Specialty Training with the Alice Springs Zone.  
Elder and Sister Tennis, Sister Fanene, Sister Ma, Elder Hale, Elder Hefa,
Elder MCClutchie, Elder Johnson, Elder Lee, Elder T. Johnson, Elder Heindel and 
Elder Callahan.
Part of the training today was on living the Word of Wisdom. Getting enough rest
eating right and getting 30 minutes of exercise a day is very important as 
missionaries.  Here the missionaries enjoy a very healthy lunch provided by
Elder and Sister Tennis.  
Thank you to all who worked hard to make this a great training day.  We love you
sisters and Elder and Sister Tennis.
Look at this wonderful dessert we enjoyed.  I think Elder Lee and Elder Heindel
are happy about this. 
Love these great missionaries and loved being taught together this day.The Lord
knows each of these missionaries by name and we know angels watch over
them in this sacred work.
Had to run an errand today for President and was happy to find this store-even 
in Alice Springs, Northern Territory in Australia.This is a great country!!
Here are our two Bush Elders of the mission- Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel
with their Ute that they take out bush. These are fantastic missionaries who love
serving .  They are with another fantastic missionary Elder Lee who serves in Tenant 
Creek.  Elder Lee was climbing out of the Ute and was sliced by a tool and had a 
few stitches in his leg. He is on crutches for a few days but we're praying he'll
be back good as new soon.  Love these Elders!

Before we left, the missionaries sang as a thank you to Elder and Sister Tennis
for the lovely meal.  There is not much I'd rather do than to hear these missionaries
sing!  There is phenominal talent in this mission. I'm sure they will all be part of
the heavenly choirs one day. 

Alice Springs

Next we drove to another community called Mulga Bore.  As you can see,
they are magpie fans.  Go Magpies!
These structures sticking up all over are termite hills.  they are as hard as bricks.  
They stick up all over the place and you do not want to run into one of them. 
Sometimes they are right in the middle of the road.

Other visitors in the middle of the road.

Beautiful horses roam the country out here.
On the way back, we stopped at Gemtree, a quaint beautifully landscaped
area where you can stop and stay for a few days or longer.  There is a little shop 
  where you can buy gems and treats. This was a great day never to be forgotten.
We love these missionaries and the people they are teaching.

Alice Springs

Leaving Engawala to head to Oongala where the Bush Elders live.

Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel in front of their Bush flat. This is home
sweet home.  They often sleep outdoors because of the heat. 
Baptismal Font of Oongala. Elder Callahan says it takes about 20 hours to fill
Covering off the side of their flat where church is held often. 
Always something to fix out here:)Elder HEindel is exiting the building.

Alice Springs

As Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel prepare the Sacrament trays, we could
see how these children have been taught to know that this is a special time.  
They were watching very carefully.
These sweet children are ready to sing and they were so reverent during the sacrament.  
They have the light of Christ in their eyes. Thank you for coming and learning
about the Savior and how to follow Him.  We loved being in church with all
of you today.
Elder Callahan and Elder HEindel share pictures and stories about Jesus Christ
with these sweet children.  

Sacrament Meeting is done for another week . Pushing the car back where we 
found it until next week. These Elders work so hard to invite all to come unto
Christ. We loved, and respected them before, but it was so great to spend the
day with them and watch all they do.  What a joy it is to serve with such valiant
consecrated missionaries. Oh how we love them. Can't wait to come back. 

Alice Springs

Sunday morning we rode with Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel Outbush for 
church. We enjoyed this drive immensely with these 2 faithful missionaries plus 
we got to ride in the Ute!  We arrived in Engawala to set  things up for Sacrament
meeting.  Here are the Elders carrying everything we needed in this trunk- the
hymnbooks, sacrament trays, cloths and cups,  etc. 

This is the carport where Sacrament meeting is held.  Thank you to a wonderful
family who make this possible.  Our new friends, Clifford and Rosemary  and 
their great family  were so gracious in letting us hold church here. We love you.
We made friends fast with these precious children who came to help us  get the
benches arranged and set out the hymnbooks. One of them gave President
Parker a big hug and said, "I just love church!" 
This is President Parker with a great man of God, Clifford and his son Keeton,
who was the only Aaronic Priesthood holder in attendance.  We were so privileged
to see him magnify his Priesthood as he passed the sacrament to us all. We 
were blessed to be with this great family.
Faithful Saints, gathered to worship together, even in the Bush in Australia!  
Our Heavenly Father has us gather together all over the world to serve
and love each other. We were blessed to be here this day. We love you all.
Members in Engawala with Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel. Its all about 
families and these are wonderful people who know that the Gospel blesses
families. This was a great day!

Alice Springs

We boarded the plane to Alice Springs and our faithful Zone Leaders picked us up
at the airport.  We decided to talk over a bite of lunch and get caught up on
all that is going on  with hastening the work in Alice Springs. The very Bond-like
Elder Hale ordered a tasting plate that had some very unusual items for tasting.

First, there was camel, next is crocodile and last was kangaroo.  Not that unusual
in Australia but we don't see those on the menu as much in the U.S.  Elder Hale-
you and your companion Elder Hefa are great missionaries and you always make
me smile. We love you.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Arrivers Training!

And these are the new companionships!  These Trainers are thrilled with these 
fabulous, valiant new missionaries. And these new missionaries have fabulous
trainers so great things are going to happen.  You'll notice Elder Dietze is 
holding an i-pad.......thats because he will be on another plane early in the 
morning to Darwin to meet his new companion, Elder Costales. We skyped
Elder Costales in for the Arrivers Training meeting so these companions
got to see each other during the training.  

Elder Larkin doing some creative training on taking great care of your bicicle. 
Listening intently as President Parker talks about the first law of heaven.
The Assistants to the President doing some great training on being obedient and
diligent. Elder Matekohi and Elder Flinders are great teachers.

Focused and learning by the spirit is the best kind of training.
We are so excited to have these new missionaries.  Look how focused they are!  
We are so blessed to have each one of them. 
Sister Parker using Elder Matekohi as a visual aid again!  Our assistants are 
good sports!  We love you both so much.  IT was a great day !

Arrivers Dinner!

After a long day, these Elders are ready for a delicious dinner and find out who 
their new companions/trainers will be. 
Its great weather for a barbecue so thats what we did!
With just one great new sister missionary, the suspense of finding out who
her trainer will be wasn't quite as surprising as the Elders. Sister Mongan,
meet your new companion, Sister Abonales!  She's awesome just like you.
Its so fun to get to know each other and the suspense is building to see who will
be with whom?!?! 
I think they've had enough to eat and are just about ready to meet their companions.
Elder Keller, one great missionary and one of our new trainers, with Elder 
Wilmott who helped cook the yummy barbecue tonight.