Friday, January 8, 2016

Alice Springs missionaries!

The day after Christmas, which is called Boxing Day in Australia, the Alice
Springs Zone went on a big adventure.  They drove to Ayers Rock or
Oolaru as the Aboringinals call it and had a day of hiking and biking.Here
are Sister Craig and Elder K. Johnson giving the thumbs up on the great day.

Alice Spring Zone at Oolaru!Elder Callahan, Elder Toi, Elder Hale, Sister Craig,
Sister Fanene, Elder and Sister Tennis, Elder T Johnson, Elder K. Johnson and
Elder Hefa!     
Elder and Sister Tennis traveled out bush with the Bush Elders and attended
Sacrament Meeting there.  This is Sister Tennis who I'm sure put the hymn
books out for all to enjoy waiting patiently for church to start.
And now the pews are full. This is the mighty Elder Toi who takes great care of 
the members here and they love him.  His new companion is Elder Callahan
who is learning all about life living in the bush!  Together they are doing a
great work and we are so grateful for their obedience and diligence in serving
in this great part of the mission!
And this is the Alice Springs Zone minus Elder Lee and Elder MCClutchie who
are serving in Tenant Creek 3 hours away, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
We love you!

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