Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alice Springs

The next morning we began Specialty Training with the Alice Springs Zone.  
Elder and Sister Tennis, Sister Fanene, Sister Ma, Elder Hale, Elder Hefa,
Elder MCClutchie, Elder Johnson, Elder Lee, Elder T. Johnson, Elder Heindel and 
Elder Callahan.
Part of the training today was on living the Word of Wisdom. Getting enough rest
eating right and getting 30 minutes of exercise a day is very important as 
missionaries.  Here the missionaries enjoy a very healthy lunch provided by
Elder and Sister Tennis.  
Thank you to all who worked hard to make this a great training day.  We love you
sisters and Elder and Sister Tennis.
Look at this wonderful dessert we enjoyed.  I think Elder Lee and Elder Heindel
are happy about this. 
Love these great missionaries and loved being taught together this day.The Lord
knows each of these missionaries by name and we know angels watch over
them in this sacred work.
Had to run an errand today for President and was happy to find this store-even 
in Alice Springs, Northern Territory in Australia.This is a great country!!
Here are our two Bush Elders of the mission- Elder Callahan and Elder Heindel
with their Ute that they take out bush. These are fantastic missionaries who love
serving .  They are with another fantastic missionary Elder Lee who serves in Tenant 
Creek.  Elder Lee was climbing out of the Ute and was sliced by a tool and had a 
few stitches in his leg. He is on crutches for a few days but we're praying he'll
be back good as new soon.  Love these Elders!

Before we left, the missionaries sang as a thank you to Elder and Sister Tennis
for the lovely meal.  There is not much I'd rather do than to hear these missionaries
sing!  There is phenominal talent in this mission. I'm sure they will all be part of
the heavenly choirs one day. 

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