Friday, January 15, 2016

Leaving Missionaries attending the Temple

This was a beautiful day to attend the Adelaide Temple with the 7 missionaries
who have completed their full time missions and will be returning home. Words
cannot describe the wonderful feelings as we were all able to attend the  
House of the Lord.  We will never forget this day. 

Sister Craig, Elder Beard, Elder Anton, President Parker, Elder Morganti, Elder
Aguilar, Elder Purev-Ochir and Elder Pitama. We love these missionaries so 
very much.They are true disciples of Christ. 
Elder Pitama, Elder Pitcher and Elder Purev-Ochir. Incredibly powerful
valiant Elders. We love these missionaries and we love this church.  What 
a blessing to serve with each of these  obedient, happy, hard working
Elders and Sisters  here in this mission.

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