Friday, May 27, 2016


It was a beautiful day to attend the Temple in Adelaide.  Elder Fleming and his 
Mission President who loves him very much.
Elder Larkin, Elder Fleming, President Parker and Elder Hall.
It doesn't get any easier saying goodbye to these incredible missionaries.  Its been
a privilege to serve with Elder Fleming.
Elder Fleming always makes us smile.  So very loved in this mission.

And this is the MLC attending the Temple before our monthly meeting. Great leaders
in the Australia Adelaide Mission. Sister Mason, Sister Tamana, Sister Vaitaiki, Sister
Fa'alogo.  Elder Mannering, Elder Kendall, Elder McMurray, elder Flinders, Elder
B. Johnson, elder Tolbert, Elder Koch, Elder Boyd, Elder Toi, Elder Corotan.
Missing: Elder Wilkins, Elder Hamilton, Elder Hale, Elder U-Fa, Elder Christy,
Elder Paeu, sister Townsend and Sister Rougeau.
Wonderful Sister Missionaries.  Bold and courageous.  Love you so much.
Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Vaitaiki, President Parker, Sister Tamana and Sister Mason.
A great revelatory meeting followed this session in the Temple.  How blessed we
are to be able to attend the Temple in this mission. 


This mission is a rollar coaster and we have had another emotional day as we said
goodbye to 2 more great missionaries.  This is Elder Brosnahan who is returning
to New Zealand.  This is a wonderful elder who serves diligently and is loved by
all.  We love and miss you Elder!!
Elder Brosnahan and Elder Fleming both returning home after a job well done!  One
last photo in the mission office before saying goodbye to Elder Brosnahan.  We are so
grateful for the unity in this mission.  IT just makes our hearts swell with joy when
we see the love they have for one another.  
You are missed already Elder Brosnahan.  We love you and pray for you always. 
Spending some time with Elder Fleming before he returns to his family after 2
great years of serving the Lord.  Here he is with his great companion, Elder Duabe 
and a few of the senior couples who love him so much. 
Back at the mission home for dessert with the assistants. 
And its time for a little tie cutting ceremony.  Great love for this valiant missionary. 
Too late to turn back now Elder Fleming.  The tie is cut!
The tie will be in a special place on the tie board.  Elder fleming we love you so much.
After a sweet testimony meeting, one more group photo.  There is much love between
these incredible senior missionaries and these younger missionaries.  Thats what
serving each other does:)
Elder Duabe and Elder Fleming working hard to invite all to come unto Christ.  This
is a great companionship!
God be with you til we meet again Elder Fleming.  You have served well.  We love 
you so much.

Monday, May 23, 2016

More Mildura

Monday morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Elder and Sister Jurgens, followed
by a great devotional at their home. We are so blessed to have the best senior 
couples on the planet! 
We love elder and Sister Jurgens so much.  We will be dear friends forever. Maybe 
we can meet at the Purple Turtle for lunch in 2018??
President Parker expressing gratitude for this great Mildura Zone.  Elder Au Wong 
has only been here about 2 weeks and already is immersed in this great work. 
I love these Sister missionaries.  They just radiate joy.  I love being with them and
listening to them and learning from them.  They are incredible. I am forever
humbled to be serving with them. Sister Jurgens, Sister Rougeau, Sister Townsend,
and Sister Matthies, who has also only been here 2 weeks and she's amazing!

Specialty Training and Interviews

We had a new adventure driving to Mildura for Specialty Training.  We tried a different
route and got to a place where we had to be ferried across the river.  Here we are
waiting for the ferry to pick us up. This was very cool.  The ferry is open 24 hours a day 
and is operated by a man who goes back and forth all day taking cars across. 
This is the mighty Mildura Zone.  They are consecrated, aligned and diligent.  President
Parker is smiling in a big way.  Sister Matthies, Sister Rougeau, Sister Townsend,
Elder Burdge, Elder Paeu, Elder McMurray, Elder Christy, Elder K. Johnson, Elder
Flinders, Elder Punou, Elder Raiqisa, Elder T. Johnson, Elder Au Wong, Elder
Lapenmal and President Parker.
After a great day of training its time for pizza.
Amazing Sister Missionaries.  Sister Townsend, Sister Rougeau and new missionary,
Sister Matthies. 
Elder Burdge, Elder T. Johnson, Elder Raiqisa and Elder Punou.
Elder K. Johnson, elder Lapenmal, Elder Burdge and Elder T. Johnson.
Elder and Sister Jurgens from my home town of Pleasant Grove, Utah.  
Elder McMurray, Elder Paeu, Elder Christy and Elder Au Wong.
Elder Raiqisa, Elder Punou, Elder Flinders and Elder McMurray.

Mission Presidents Seminar in Brisbane

Arrived in beautiful Brisbane for the Interum Mission Presidents Seminar.  I love this church. 
The organization is a testimony in itself.  There is no stone unturned.  The hastening
of the Lords work  is increasing at light speed and we are blessed to be a part of it.
This is our first time ever to Brisbane where we will be taught and tutored by a
member of the Twelve Apostles, Elder Neil L. Andersen, Elder Lynn G. Robbins
of the Presidency of the Seventy, The Presidency of the Pacific Area, all of their
dear wives and all of the Mission Presidents in the Pacific area and their wives. 

Elder and Sister Hallack, Elder Lynn G. Robbins, Elder and Sister Anddersen, Elder
and Sister Pearson, Elder and Sister Gifford Nelson and all of the Pacific Area
Mission Presidents and wives. 
Elder and Sister Andersen, President and Sister Parker, Elder Robbins
Boarding the bus to attend the Beautiful Brisbane Temple.
This is outside of the Temple.  What a great blessing in these Latter Days to have a 
place where we can go and be sealed for all time and eternity.  This is truly the House 
of the Lord. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Elder Anderson baptizing Damen Anderson in Tenant Creek.  What a sacred sight.

Congratulations Damen.  Heaven is smiling down on you today.  

Elder Lee and Elder McClutchie with Tyrell Godilla.  Congratulations
Tyrell.  We love you.  You have made such an important decision.  You
will always be happy when you choose to follow Jesus Christ. 

What a beautiful sight. Taught by these great missionaries who have the 
authority to baptize you in to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Meet Hanxuan Li-the newest member of the Morialta Ward.  He has chosen to
follow the example of JEsus Christ and be baptized.  Elder Fleming is prettty
happy about his. Teaching  another brother about the love of the Savior and 
Heavenly Fathers wondrous plan just brings great joy.

A few of the missionaries who have come to love Hanxuan.  Elder Fuhriman, 
Elder HAyes, Elder Fleming, Elder Duabe and Elder Skadins.

A few more people who love Hanxuan. .  What a beautiful baptism and thank you
for sharing your tender testimony. Its a blessed day. 

Arrivers Training and Modbury Specialty Training

Thefirst full day of thier missions here in Adelaide.  These new missionaries
are excited to get out and work.  First, a day of training with their new trainers.
Sister Matties will be trained by Sister Townsend and Sister Rougeau. Elder Radovan
will be trained by Elder Coroton and Elder Toi. Training Elder Hobby in Darwin
will be Elder Wilkins and Elder Hamilton.  Training Elder Dahle also in Darwin,
will be Elder  Escueta.  Training Elder Ah Wong will be Elder Christy and Elder
 Paeu in Mildura.  You new missionaries are blessed to have the best trainers ever!!

The next morning, Friday, May 13, we drove to Modbury to hold Specialty
Training with the Modbury Zone. At lunch time the missionaries received
flu shots.  Here are Elder Koch and Elder Boyd ready to role up there sleeves.

Today was a day of role plays.  We are focusing on teaching skills.  These
great missionaries are working hard to perfect their skills.  We love these
Sister Missionaries.  They are fantastic!  Sister Mongan, Sister Esplin, Sister
Reyes, Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Taufa and Sister Vaitaiki.

Elder Martin, Elder Taylor, Elder Payne, Elder Ellingson, Elder Revillo, Elder
Flinders and Elder Fepuleai.

Elder and Sister Larkin making us a mean meatball sandwich!

Enough for everyone to have seconds!

Elder Ghergori, Elder Fa, Elder Woodford and Elder Garbutt.

Elder and Sister Hall stopped by and enjoyed lunch with us.  They have been
working hard assisting Elder and Sister St. John with some flat repairs.
Thank heavens for awesome senior couples.