Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Victor Harbor

For the Hughes last day with us in Adelaide we went to Victor Harbor.  First
stop was the Ride across to the island by way of trolley pulled by a clydesdale.

The weather was perfect today and we finally got to see why everyone talks about
how beautiful Victor Harbor  is. 

This was the view!

After the ride we found the perfect place to have some lunch. 

These trees were amazing.  You can't really tell from the photo but they almost
look fake because the pine needles on them are huge and look soft.  I've
never seen anything like this.  Apparently they were brought over from one of
the islands.  Absolutely beautiful.

Next stop was the wildlife park where the first thing we saw was a ????
Kind of like a turkey, but with a blue head and a hard brown mohawk??

Craig had a sack of kangaroo food and we soon discovered they knew what
was in the sack!

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