Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hahndorf with the Hughes

After a wonderful morning at the Temple, and while President was in Transfer 
Planning with the Assistants, we drove to Hahndorf. A beautiful German town
about 25 minutes from Adelaide.  

We met wonderful people.

Enjoyed the beautiful flowers to go along with the beautiful weather!

Had a treat or two! Hahndorf is known for many things.  Two of which are
yummy icecream and delicious fudge.

This plaque tells us this is Crocodile Dundee! 

This sign reminded me of Strawberry Days held in Pleasant Grove Utah.  The
city Sister Parker was born and raised in. Every summer there was a celebration
held with parades, carnival, rodeos and  fun with families. Apparently
Beerenberg has the same idea. This was a wonderful day. 

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