Saturday, March 12, 2016

Temple with Missionaries leaving

A beautiful day in the Temple with missionaries we love who are returning home
after serving  the Lord faithfully and honorably. This is always a happy/sad
time .  We rejoice in their service but oh how we miss them.Elder Seru, Elder Lee,
Elder Tonga, Elder Martineau, Elder Soli and Sister Goisisi.

I love this picture. Why are they all so happy?  Because they have served with all 
of their heart might, mind and strength.  

Elder Seru, Elder Matekohi and Elder Soli!

Elder Tonga, Elder Gaastra, Craig Hughes and Elder Larkin!

Sister Parker and Sister Larkin with one incredible Sister missionary!  Sister
Goisisi is a wonderful leader in this mission and has had much influence on
all of us as she ministers to all.  She is loved wherever she goes.  We miss you
already Sister Goisisi. 

President Parker with some  valiant missionaries. Many great memories with
these Elders.
President Parker with some valiant sister missionaries.  We love these righteous
hard working sisters. Sister Rougeau, Sister Asera, Sister Goisisi and Sister

Elder Lee and Elder Martineau. You never see Elder Lee without a smile
on his face. And Elder Martineau- I think he is pondering that  this is really
the time for his full time mission to be done. Like I said, a happy/sad day.

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