Sunday, March 13, 2016

Preparing new missionaries!

This is the great Elder Larkin!  This guy can do anything.  One of his many
responsibilities in this mission is to watch over the missionary bikes and 
cars.  With 125 or so missionaries that is alot of bikes and cars.We couldn't 
function without this elder and all of his skills.

Helping Elder Fepuleai get his bike ready so he can go at maximum speed
to share the Gospel.

Sister Maea is ready to roll with Sister Fanene and Sister Asera. 

Elder Larkin making sure everything is in tip top shape.

Elder Flinders taking a few of the new missionaries down to the city to do some

Elder Hamilton, Elder Baker and Elder Punou filling our new missionary, Elder
Burdge in about the way things work around the mission.

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