Monday, March 14, 2016

Alice Springs

Early the next morning, Elder and Sister Tennis took us to see some real outback
land and wildlife.  It was beautiful!

We watched the kangaroos and it was an amazing sight. We even saw 3 dingos come
out of nowhere and chase a baby kangaroo.  The kangaroo are incredibly fast.  
Had no idea they could jump from rock to rock at lightning speed. 

This is Trot Hill. this was a great adventure!

Next we stopped at the Royal Flying Doctors museum.  The Royal Flying Doctors
are still in operation after many many years.  This was started when a physician
wanted to help the Aboriginal people with their medical care.  He bought a
plane and flew into the communities taking care of medical needs.  This grew
into a service provided all over theNorthern Territory with many planes and physicians
involved. A great service provided here. 

Time to check out of the hotel in Alice Springs. We always enjoy the beautiful
Aboriginal art wherever we go. Great memorable day here in Alice!

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