Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Seeing Darwin

Anyone who knows our family, knows this is just like a million other family
vacation photos.  Sister Farrer catching some rays, good food and President
Parker on the phone:)

Had a wonderful lunch at the wharf and enjoyed the breeze and the 
beautiful scenery.

Next stop was to see the Jumping crocs!  Just before you get on the boat,
there is a small museum where we could see some of the other wildlife
here besides the crocs. This picture is for my grandkids who have a pet
turtle. This turtle has one looooooong neck!!

Water Buffalo grazing in the croc infested grasslands.  Apparently a croc
can take one of these guys down and have them for lunch. That must be
quite a sight.

Australia has the most incredible birds.  It doesn't matter where we go,
they are just beautiful. 

And here we are getting ready to board the Jumping Crocs boat. Hopefully, 
the live ones we see are not quite this big!

In the first 2 minutes this is what we saw right on the side of our boat.Yikes!!!

This was about 3 feet from us. Dangling the meat.................and they say for
every croc you can see, there are about 30 you can't see.

Can you believe this????  They are huge.  I thought they were long and thin
but the girth of these creatures is enormous. 

The strength is incredible.  They weigh over a thousand pounds and to be able
to jump like this and get this far out of the water is massive!

Can you believe his was just a few feet from us?  An incredible thing to see.
Not sure there is anywhere else in the world where we could have this experience. 

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