Friday, March 25, 2016

Alice Springs

One more stop we had to make on the way home from Tenant Creek was at 
"Devils Marbles."  These round boulders look like a huge can of marbles were 
just dumped in the middle of the outback.  There are no other rocks like this
for hundreds of miles. Just sitting out in the middle of nowhere!

The next day after zone training, the wonderful Elder and Sister Tennis once
again treated us to their delicious cooking. Not sure how we got so blessed to 
have the best senior couples ever.  All are dear friends forever. Love you
Elder and Sister Tennis.

Elder Tennis, Elder Callahan, Elder Heindel, Sister Ma and Sister Maea.
Fabulous missionaries.  

Elder Anderson, Elder U-Fa, Elder Flinders, Elder Hammond, Elder T. Johnson
and Elder Hale. Love these valiant missionaries.

Elder Matekohi and Elder McClutchie doing the dishes. There mothers taught
them well.  Thank you.

A delicious dinner topped off with ice cream and peach cobbler-one of President
Parkers favorite things.  Sister Tennis you always spoil us.

The great Elder U-Fa always a gentleman and serving others. He gave up the
life of a boxer in Tahiti to serve a full time mission for the Lord.  What a 
great example of putting it on the alter of sacrifice. Love you Elder!

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