Saturday, March 26, 2016


This is the legendary Elder Jacobson.  Elder Jacobson put it all on the alter and
his example blessed so many missionaries.  We love you so much and will
miss you always. 

A special place on the tie board awaits this tie!  We love your attitude and
diligence and hard work  Elder  Jacobson. You are a great leader and that
chair in MLC will not be the same without you.  

Love this missionary!!  Elder Maughn has served valiantly and is a great leader
in this mission.  We have learned much from you and we can't wait to see what
the Lord has in store for you.

Not wanting to part with this tie?, or a little worried that President Parker has 
scissors in his hands?  

Last but certainly not least, President Mark Rice, President Parkers counselor
in the Mission Presidency in the Australia Adelaide Mission.  President Rice
is leaving to serve a service mission in Vanuatu. This great man and his wife,
who passed away a few years ago, raised an incredible family and now have 
a great posterity who are continuing the legacy of raising righteous families
to the Lord. We have learned so much from your example and you will be greatly

We wish you all the blessings you will need on this grand adventure and you 
will be in our prayers.  We love and appreciate all you do. God be with you
till we meet again. 

Attending the Adelaide Temple with these wonderful missionaries.

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