Monday, March 14, 2016

Alice Springs

Kimber and Craig are standing at our hotel next to an emu and a kangaroo
sculpted out of bushes, just like at Disneyland!

And we're off to the church for President Parker to start interviews.

Sister Maea and Sister Ma waste no time. It's really hot out there but these
valiant sisters have no fear!!!

While interviews are taking place, Elder Hale and Elder U-Fa introduce us to
a Tim-Tam Slam!  There is an art to this and we watched Elder Hale do it
first before we tried it. 

President Parker trying the Tim-Tam Slam!

Kimbers turn!Go, go, go Kimber!

Next is Craig!  You  have to LOVE chocolate to devour one of these babies!

Who doesn't love Tim-Tams?  Combined with a glass of Milo you have
a chocolate feast!  Thank you Elder Hale and Elder U-Fa for giving us
this rich cultural experience. We love you.

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