Saturday, March 12, 2016

Our first visitors in the mission!

Boy was this a great sight to behold!!!  Our very first visitors since we arrived
8 1/2 months ago.  Welcome our daughter Kimberly and her husband Craig,
to Adelaide.  This is a happy day!!!

After a host of plane problems and a very long flight, Kimber and Craig arrived
ready to see the mission.  They adjusted to the time change so fast and didn't miss 
a beat!  ITs so fun to have them here!!We can't stop smiling:)

A stop long enough to take a picture with the "Welcome to Adelaide South
Australia" sign. 

Smiles all around!  So thankful for family!

First stop, the mission office to meet our wonderful missionaries! Do you know 
this guy?

Craig meeting Elder Seru and Elder Lee.  Two of our missionaries who have 
completed their missions and are leaving to return home. Elder Lee from Korea
and Elder Seru from Fiji.  Elder Seru does not know what he will find when he
arrives home as the cyclone just hit Fiji today!!We are praying for his family 
as well as our other Fijian missionaries. 

Kimber visiting with Elder Larkin.  Kimber grew up with Elder and Sister
Larkin right in our neighborhood.  Long time forever friends.
An impromptu dinner at the Urban Duck to celebrate Kimber and Craigs 
arrival. Elder Betonio, Elder Larsen, Kimber and Craig, Elder Lee, Elder
Seru, Elder Matekohi and Elder Flinders. Very fun evening with great
missionaries and the Hughes!

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