Tuesday, March 15, 2016


After another 2 hour flight we arrived in Darwin where we took advantage of
a fun photo op at the airport!

The real crocs we will see tomorrow!

Just like it says, we are doin'Darwin!

Elder and Sister Farrer were there with a few missionaries to greet us and then
we enjoyed a great meal at their flat.  They always spoil us. Thank you Elder
and Sister Farrer.

This is an incredible group of missionaries.  They always have heaps of miracles
to share with us when we arrive.  And we always meet heaps of new
investigators. Like......
Brenda!  Sister Rooarii and Sister Reola are teaching Brenda about JEsus Christ
and she has chosen to be baptized. Here they are planning her baptism.  We
love you Brenda.

A group of missionaries with very full tummies. Thank you Elder and Sister
Farrer. Elder Taleo, Elder Duabe, Elder Smith, Elder Rivera, Elder Wilkins,
Elder Toi, Elder FarrerElder Costales, Elder Deitze, Sister Farrer, Sister Rooarii 
and Sister Reola.

President Parker soaking in every minute he can with his daughter, Kimberly.

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