Friday, March 25, 2016

Alice Springs Zone Conference

Sunday morning we were up bright and early on the 5 1/2 hour drive to Tenant 
Creek which is north of Alice Springs.  This is the view of the outback we saw
most of the way.  Pretty and green.

How do you like this speed limit?  Unfortunately all the way are kangaroo
and roaming cattle which are frequently standing in the road so you take your
life in your hands if you go this fast.

And then there is no speed limit!  The semi truck trains come screaming by 
and blow you off the 2 way road.  We were happy when we arrived safely.

These are the great missionaries who serve in Tenant Creek- Elder McClutchie
and Elder Anderson. And, notice their super clean flat!  President Parker
loves these trustworthy obedient missionaries who can serve in such remote
areas of the mission and stay focused on the work and find and rescue.  

After a sweet Sacrament Meeting and a delicious lunch prepared by these
missionaries, President Parker had the privilege of calling a new Primary
President of the Tenant Creek Branch. Congratulations to Maria who comes
faithfully to church each week and will bless many childrens lives. 

We loved you instantly Maria and are excited for you to help these precious
children learn more about the Savior. 

Some wonderful sights we saw on the way back to Alice Springs...the man 
on the hill.

The "Way Out Bush" store.

And a beautiful bush sunset.  This was a great day!  Thank you Elders for
serving in this area of the Lords vineyard and bringing souls unto Christ.

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