Sunday, March 13, 2016

More Leavers dinner!

Elder Tonga leaves us with a little part of himself. We love you Elder Tonga.

Thank you for your great example and your kindness always .  We will miss you.

Not sure how this is going to go huh Elder  Martineau?  

Whew! Still in one piece! Except for the tie.    Looking good Elder, we love you.

Elder Lee is ready for his turn .  We love you so much Elder Lee. 

Maybe that hurt a little bit?  You have to watch President  Parker with those 

It was hard to cut into one of Sister Goisisi's beautiful scarves but we
couldn't not have a part of her on the tie board in the mission home. 

Thank you Sister Goisisi. We miss you already. 

Here the Elders are writing of one of the miracles they were blessed with while 
serving to keep in our mission miracle book. 

During the evening Elder and Sister  Wilmott arrived from the airport with a 
brand new missionary, Elder Raiqisa from Fiji. Welcome Elder!!  
One Elder returning home to Fiji and one just arriving in the mission. Your
country should be very proud of you Elders.  We love you.

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