Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Specialty Training in Mildura

After our wonderful drive to Mildura, we attended Church in the Mildura Ward.  
President and I had the privilege of speaking and meeting the wonderful leaders
of the Ward.  Then we got back in the van and drove to Robinvale.  Its about
another hour and a little bit .  These 2 great Elders were there to help us find
the church since we were a little lost.  Thank you Elder Punou and Elder Hefa
for rescueing us.  Here they are in front of their very clean flat! 
We made fast friends in Robinvale.  This is Brother and Sister Soni.  Brother Soni
serves as the 1st counselor in the Robinvale Branch and his sweet wife is the
Relief Society President.  This is a busy couple.  We were very happy to hear
they had stayed after church so Brother Jurgens could help them with their 
family history!  This branch is engaged in family History.  Its wonderful. 

Monday morning we were ready to start training.  The assistants once again did a 
fabulous job.  We were grateful they made it safe and sound as they had a run in
with a kangaroo and their car! These great missionaries are ready to let the spirit
teach them about obedience and service.  We love you Elder Chalke, Elder Boyd,
Elder Kelese, Sister Siale and Sister Tamana. 
More great missionaries.  Elder Martineau, Elder Punou, Elder Hefa, Elder Chalke 
and our assistants, Elder Pitcher and Elder Pitama.We love you.
It was so great being with these missionaries and getting to know them better.
We sure love you Elder Litster, Elder Kata and Elder Martineau.
Great obedient missionaries ready to learn together and go out and work hard.  We 
love you Elder Wilkinson, Elder Paeu, Elder Tolbert and Elder Barnett.
Elder Boyd and Elder Kelese. The zone leaders of the great Mildura Zone.  These
are great powerful missionaries.  We love you.  
Thank you Elder and Sister Jurgens for providing a wonderful lunch for all of us.  
We love you too.  

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