Friday, August 14, 2015

Specialty Training

Today was our very first Specialty Training Day.  We started with the absolutely
great Marion Zone.  Elder Pitama and Elder Pitcher, our wonderful Assistants 
did some fabulous training.  Then Sister Smith and Sister Hannan
delivered a delicious lunch.  Here is Elder Coraton trying to decide which Subway
sandwich he would like!  And for dessert, Elder Smith spoils us with his 
irresistable brownies! We love you Elder Coraton!
I think Elder Lee is telling us "peace", or he could be telling us he has 2 sandwiches?
Actually all the Elders have 2 sandwiches!  We love you Elder Lee!
Elder Briscoe, Elder McMurray and Elder Tonga having a great day!  We are so 
grateful for these incredible missionaries.  After always letting the sisters go 
first, they are ready for lunch!  We love you Elders!
President with his assistants, Elder Pitcher and Elder Pitama! The best of the best!!
We love you. After a wonderful lunch, more training by President Parker.  There
is nothing better than a day spent with faithful, obedient missionaries!

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