Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A beautiful day for a walk!

Today while President was up early taking care of emails and phone calls I went
for a walk.  Most days we go together and walk to a nearby park.  I decided to
go a different route this time.  One of the things I love here are the beautiful
flowers.  People keep their homes so well groomed and the landscaping is 
beautiful.  These geraniums line many fences.  
I love that with the street signs, they tell you the important businesses or
buildings that are on that street.  This one happens to tell us where the Latter-
Day-Saints meet!  Come and join us!  You'll be glad you did.We welcome you.
This is a much nicer way of saying don't dump your trash here!
I need to ask someone about this sign.  Is this an area where many older people
are  in the area so we should watch carefully, or do you have to be aged to cross
when you see these signs?  I've seen several of them around the city so I will 
find out!
While on my walk I noticed this sign which makes much more sense than  a
"sidewalk" which is what we call this in the states.  A footpath is exactly what 
it is!  
Today is Elder Grays 29th birthday!! Here he is with the assistants, President 
Parker and the Elders and Sister couples serving in the office.  He tried to make 
it thru the day without anyone knowing it was his birthday-not in this mission!! 
Happy Birthday to Elder Gray!  We love you!

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