Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Specialty Training

Today is Tuesday, August 18th. We had the great privilege of driving to beautiful
Mt. Barker for Specialty training.  The drive was so gorgeous. We were surprised
to see the beautiful green rolling hills, the trees and the cows and sheep.  It reminded
me of up above Heber City, Utah where my parents live.  We just loved the drive.
I loved it so much I asked President Parker if I could get transferred there, but
he said no!  Anyway, we had a great day with the missionaries in the Marion
South Zone.  After some great training by our assistants, we split into groups to 
do some role playing.  Here Elder Pitcher listens in as Sister Rongomate and 
Sister Esplin have the added challenge of doing a role play over the phone with
the Elders who were joining our training by phone. 
Here we have Elder McClutchie and Elder Taleo role playing with Sister Fa'alogo
and Sister Abonales.  This is a teaching pattern that blesses  both the missionary
and the people being taught. Even as we role play, we feel the the spirit of the 
Lord powerfully directing us.  
This is the Zone Leader for the Marion South Zone, Elder Johnson and his new
companion Elder Lapenmal. They are also role playing with 2 of our Elders
who have joined us over the phone for the training.  We are so blessed to have
leaders in this mission who lead with love and by great example.  

And its lunch time.  These are great, wonderful sister missionaries who have the
Light of Christ.  Thank you sisters for working hard and serving valiantly.  We 
love you.
These are hard working, happy, obedient missionaries!  But they are hungry!!  We 
love you Elders!  Thank you for all you do.  We have had a wonderful day. President
trained on obedience and having the light of Christ.  A powerful message.  And now 
we get to drive the beautiful drive back to Adelaide.
This is the view we saw most of the way.  We've had alot of rain and everything is 
so green.  It was just breathtaking!We enjoyed reading all of the signs that were new to us.  
What a gorgeous scene!

Since in the States, speed limits are posted in miles per hour instead of kilometers,
this sign as well as the one that said 110, caught our eye.  President thought he could 
really put the pedal to the metal until we figured out that 110 is really just about
65 miles per hour!
These were beautiful tunnels that ran through a gorgeous mountainside. This country 
is so amazingly beautiful.  Every place we have been we have marveled at the 
beauty and diversity of the land.  We are so blessed to be here.  

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