Wednesday, August 12, 2015

David Archuletta and Brad Wilcox Fireside!

Saturday evening President got a phone call asking for one of our missionaries to 
accompany David Archuleta, as he sang.  Sister Payze to the rescue!  Here she is
playing through the song before she went to rehearse with him. What a memory
Sister Payze!!!  
What a privilege to be there this evening with these two incredibly talented
disciples of Christ.  They gave a powerful witness of our Saviour Jesus Christ 
through word and song to our missionaries.  It was an unforgettable evening.
We are so blessed to have been able to spend this time with new friends, faithful
leaders in this beautiful city of Adelaide. Thank you to Brad Wilcox and David
Archuleta for giving all of us such a wonderful experience to hear your testimonies
and love of the Savior and for sharing your phenominal talents with us. 
President and Sister Parker, David Archuleta, Brad Wilcox, President and Sister
Soininen, President and Sister Ellis,  Elder and Sister O'Riordan, President and
Sister Korte and President and Sister McCann.

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