Friday, August 21, 2015

Specialty Training

Today we had a wonderful day with the Modbury Zone  doing some specialty
training.  The morning was spent being taught about the blessings of service
by our great assistants. Then everyone was ready for lunch but wait..............
first we are singing happy birthday to..??
Elder Smith who actually had a birthday yesterday but we couldn't catch up
with him so we celebrated today.  
This is one very loved couple of missionaries.  We are in denial that they will be
completing their mission soon!  We love you Sister and Elder Smith and wish 
you a very happy birthday!
And now its time to eat!  Isn't this a great sight!!  There is nothing better than
sister missionaries and their beautiful smiles.  We love you Sister Boswell, 
Sister Soh, Sister Payze and Sister Asera.
Training all morning works up an appetite!  These great missionaries are working
so hard to apply what they are learning from the spirit as we are all taught.  
They are blessing the lives of many here in Adelaide.We are proud of you all.
Elder Rivera, Elder Orr. Elder Johnson, Elder U-Fa, Elder Ware, Elder Hayes,
and Elder Fa.  
More great missionaries and leaders.  The legendary Elder Pitama, Elder Jacobson
who is one of the great Modbury Zone Leaders, and another wonderful missionary,
Elder Makai. We love you all.

Is this a great group of missionaries or what!!  They are happy because they are 
sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We love you Elder Hale, Elder Ngapaku, 
Elder Aguilar, Elder Henderson, Elder Pitcher, Elder Barnes and Elder Flinders,
the other great Zone Leader of the Modbury Zone.

And we are smiling because we are serving in the best mission ever!  We love
these missionaries and we are so thankful for each of them.  We are so blessed
to be able to be a part of this great work. We are so grateful to be members of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

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  1. Wow.. thank you thank you Sister Parker! I'm delighted to see Sister Boswell! I'm smiling... thinking she is enjoying a Subway sandwich... she worked at our local Subway her senior year!