Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Sister Conference!!

We love these smiles!  And, we love Sister Kereama, Sister Tuuu and Sister 
After President Parker shared some loving words, we enjoyed Chocolate Trifle
and Ice Cream.  Whats a sisters conference without chocolate!!!  We love you
Sister Coultrup, Sister Boswell and Sister Esplin!
Such an unforgettable day!  We love you Sister  Tamana, Sister Lee-Lo and Sister
IT was wonderful to see how much all of these sister missionaries love each other
as they serve and work hard together.  We love you Sister Soh, Sister Tamana
and Sister Lee-Lo!
Best smiles ever!!  We love you so much Sister Fanene and Sister Rongomate!!
We love you Sister Reola, Sister Siale, Sister Fa'alogo, and Sister Abonales!
We love you Sister Rongomate, Sister Aseras, Sister Payze and Sister Travers!!
Sister Rongomate is sharing "peace" with her origami bird made for us by our
sweet Stake Relief Society President Sister Lawry. We love you Sister Ma and
Sister Vaitaiki!

Im highly suspicious that Sister Graham snuck my camera for a few pictures when
I wasn't looking!  I loved every one of them Sister Graham and we love you 
and Sister Payze to the moon and back!! Now they are all off to get their fuzzy 
socks-its a girl thing!

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  1. Hi! I LOVE this blog! I check it daily. Thanks you so much Sister Parker. I know it takes effort on your part and I so appreciate seeing your smiling faces and reading the informative fun posts. It helps me feel better about sharing precious Sister Boswell with you and Australia. We aren't too far from your hometown (especially when visiting relatives in St. George) and have two nephews and their families currently living in Las Vegas, if there is EVER anything I can do for you or your family, please let me know. <3