Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Wonderful Sabbath Day!

Not only was it a wonderful Sabbath Day, but we celebrated one of our great
assistants birthday, Elder Rigby.  It was also the Firle Stake Conference where
a new second counselor, Luke Howes was sustained.  Also, President
and I both had the privilege of speaking.  

Whats even better than a baptism?  Two baptisms! Joy and her friend Mary Lou
have chosen to follow Christ's example and be baptized.  We love you Joy and
Mary Lou.  It was a privilege to be there on this special day.  We love you.
Sister Ma and Sister Reola, Elder Matekohi and Elder Pitcher.  This is President
Parkers first opportunity to baptize since arriving in Adelaide.
Elder Pitama and Elder Rigby  enjoying a big birthday dinner.  I'm pretty sure 
Elder Rigby had a bit much to eat since President Parker kept refilling his plate!
We love and appreciate our great assistants.  

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