Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Specialty Training

Today we had a great experience as we joined with the Firle Zone for specialty
training.  Again, the assistants did a wonderful job training on losing ourselves
in service.  They showed the tender video called "Lift."  If you haven't seen it 
go to and find it.  Its wonderful.  Then after a great lunch, President
did training on why we are obedient.  The spirit was strong and we were all edified.

Our mission is so blessed to have great sister missionaries.  I think Sister Craig
and Sister Aspinall were really excited about those Subway sandwiches!
What a great group of Elders.  They have been letting the Spirit teach them all day 
and are ready to bring others unto Christ.  This is Elder Fleming, Elder Callahan,
Elder Soli, Elder Pitama, Elder Betonio and Elder Hobbs.
More great Elders ready to let the power of being obedient bless this mission.
Elder Betonio, Elder Hobbs, Elder Wilkins, Elder  Fuhriman, Elder Togia and
Elder Pitcher.
This is a great group of Elders.  Besides feasting on the words of Christ, they are
feasting on a great lunch so they can be ready to go teach and invite!We love you
Elder Hobbs, Elder Pitcher, Elder Godfry, Elder Jarrett, Elder Tanner, Elder Van 
West, Elder Togia, Elder Matekohi and Elder Acker.

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