Saturday, August 1, 2015

Arrivers Dinner and Transfers

Our first stop is to the Mission Office to meet the office couples and take care
of all kinds of business.  Here we are in front of the office ready to get to work.
It's been a long but wonderful day and we need to feed this great group of 
missionaries so they can meet their trainers!  We are meeting at the Firle
Stake Center for a lovely dinner prepared by our wonderful Senior Couples. 

Wonderful Sisters ready to train  our new sister missionaries.

Elder Pitcher our brand new Assistant  with Elder Wilkins and one of our trainers,
Elder Orr.
Great Trainers who will lead with exact obedience.
Elder Hales, another great trainer and one of President Parkers great assistants,
Elder Pitama who shared one of his favorite foods from New Zealand with 
President.  Its called Crackle and is fried pig skin with a little fat.  Apparently
it tastes like bacon.  

Elder Jurgens, President Parker and Elder Hobbs. One more great trainer  who is 
obedient and ready to train.
Always working hard, Elder and Sister Smith getting dinner ready for all. We love
The Hannans.  Always taking care of everyone.  Elder Hannan just had shoulder 
surgery but it can't keep him down.  He was even up doing his best to wait on us.  
We love you.
Elder and Sister Gray.  Two of the hardest working people you'll ever meet.  Elder
Gray bar-b-qued all of the meat for tonights dinner and did a fabulous job!  It was
delicious.  We love you!
After dinner we all told something we love about the Austalia, Adelaide Mission.
That is an easy list to make.  This is Elder Maughn and what he loves about being
here is the apple pie!  We all agree it was wonderful!  Love you Elder Maughn!

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