Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our very first group to complete their mission.!

We experienced our very first group of missionaries who have completed their mission
 and are on their way home. Elder Bush, Elder Miller, Sister Freeman and Sister
Bailey.  We enjoyed transfer meeting together, then a lunch just for this group.  Next 
President Parker had the great privilege of interviewing each of them and presenting
the Elders with a white Adelaide Temple Tie and the Sisters with a white Adelaide
Temple handerchief.  And why is Elder Millers tie looking a little short?

This is why..... we have asked each Elder and Sister to leave a favorite tie or scarf or  
a piece of something that we will remember them by.  We will have a display board of 
all of these with their names hanging in the mission home-later to be made into a 
mission quilt.  This was a tradition started by President Parkers mother who served with 
his father as he presided over the Columbia, South Carolina Mission from 1978-1981.  
By the look on their faces I don't think they really believed we would do this!
Here are a few more fun pictures from their special dinner that night at the mission 
home.  We enjoyed a great night with these valiant obedient powerful missionaries
 before they will leave in the morning.  We love each of you!
Senior couple sisters getting dinner ready!  Sister Baker, Sister Jurgens, Sister Hannan,
Sister Gray and Sister Smith.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  We love you.
Finally relaxing for just a minute after a crazy couple of days.  Elder Smith, Elder Hannan,
and Elder Gray.  Hard working Senior missionaries.  
Returning with honor. We love you so very much and are so proud of you.
And bright and early the next morning...... Sister Freeman has decided to leave a piece of
one of her favorite dresses.  
And Sister Bailey has decided to leave a piece of a favorite sweater!
Elder Bush was wearing a brand new tie last night so he came bright and early this morning
ready to leave this well worn, worked hard wearing this tie behind!
Thank you Elder Bush.  And there you have it! We love you.
A few of the Elders and Sisters who were willing to get up at 4:30 and see this group off!
Wishing you safe travels, a wonderful welcome home and we will be missing you all!

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