Friday, July 31, 2015


There is a reason President Parker has a smile on his face!  Here he is doing 
interviews with the fabulous Modbury Zone.  He is having the time of his life
as he's interviewed all 108 missionaries these first 2 weeks.  What could be more 
wonderful than meeting with these great missionaries and hearing their wonderful
testimonies of our Savior.  Here we have Elder McMurray, Elder Hayes, Elder
Johnson, Elder U-Fa, Elder Miller, Elder Fa, Sister Payze and Sister Asera.

This is Sister Payze one of our wonderful Sister Training Leaders and her great
companion , Sister Asera.  While President was interviewing, I was getting to 
know all of these incredible missionaries a little bit better.  Although it was
absolutely freezing this day and they weren't kidding when I was told to make
sure I brought a sweater to church, we had a great time and I love these great
Its always a great time when missionaries are around.  They are happy because 
they are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Elder McMurray does a great job
leading  this powerful group.

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