Friday, May 27, 2016


It was a beautiful day to attend the Temple in Adelaide.  Elder Fleming and his 
Mission President who loves him very much.
Elder Larkin, Elder Fleming, President Parker and Elder Hall.
It doesn't get any easier saying goodbye to these incredible missionaries.  Its been
a privilege to serve with Elder Fleming.
Elder Fleming always makes us smile.  So very loved in this mission.

And this is the MLC attending the Temple before our monthly meeting. Great leaders
in the Australia Adelaide Mission. Sister Mason, Sister Tamana, Sister Vaitaiki, Sister
Fa'alogo.  Elder Mannering, Elder Kendall, Elder McMurray, elder Flinders, Elder
B. Johnson, elder Tolbert, Elder Koch, Elder Boyd, Elder Toi, Elder Corotan.
Missing: Elder Wilkins, Elder Hamilton, Elder Hale, Elder U-Fa, Elder Christy,
Elder Paeu, sister Townsend and Sister Rougeau.
Wonderful Sister Missionaries.  Bold and courageous.  Love you so much.
Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Vaitaiki, President Parker, Sister Tamana and Sister Mason.
A great revelatory meeting followed this session in the Temple.  How blessed we
are to be able to attend the Temple in this mission. 

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