Saturday, May 14, 2016

MLC, Arrivers

On May 10, we held Leadership Training. 2 new Zone Leaders were called as 
well as  several District Leaders.  Sisters in front are Sister Training Leaders,
Elders  in back Zone and District Leaders. Sister Mason, Sister Tamana, Sister
Kosoltrakul (new missionary), Sister Townsend, Sister Rougeau, Sister Fa'alogo
and Sister Vaitaiki. Elder Komaisavai, Elder Hanldy(new missionary). Elder Bouche,
Elder Paeu, Elder Mikami, Elder Revillo, Elder Taylor, Elder Kendall, Elder Coroton,
Elder Mannering, Elder Costales, Elder Hartman, President Parker, Elder B. Johnson,
Elder Baker, Elder Tobert, Elder Skadins, Elder Hayes, Elder Toi, Elder Christy,
Elder Fuhriman, Elder Flinders, Elder Koch, Elder McMurray and Elder Boyd.

Next Morning we were at the airport to pick up 4 new missionaries only to find
out that 2 of them had missed their connection.  So we were happy to find
these 2 great missionaries and welcome them. 

Meet Sister Matthies from Samoa.  We are so very excited you are here Sister
Matthies.  Your enthusiasm is contageous and we know great things are
ahead for you.  Love you already!

And this is Elder Ah Wong from New Zealand.Welcome Elder!!  We love
getting missionaries from New Zealand.  We are so happy you accepted
the call to serve and look forward with anticipation to see all the good you
will do.

Delivered 2 missionaries to the office and went back to the airport and found
Elder Hobby from England!  This is a great missionary-we can feel it already.
So happy to have you join our Australia Adelaide Mission family.  Love you
Elder Hobby!

We also found Elder Dahle from Boice, Idaho!  We also love missionaries 
from Idaho!  Welcome Elder Dahle!  Great things in store for a valiant
missionary from Boice, Idaho!  Love you Elder!

This is the great missionary, Elder Radovan from the Philippines. We picked up 
Elder Radovan about 3 weeks ago as he came in between transfers.  So he has
already been working hard and learning how this great mission rolls.  Welcome
Elder Radovan.  We sure love you. 

First stop is the mission office for some orientation and lunch.  The office staff
takes great care of these new missionaries.  It was a rainy day when these
missionaries arrived. But we are all smiling:)

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