Friday, May 13, 2016


This is the first picture taken the night of our "Leavers Dinner"  for these 5
great missionaries.  Elder Hartley, Elder Matekohi, Elder Foiakau, Elder
Callahan and Sister Makaya have completed their fulltime missionary service
and they have served diligently to the very last minute.

This saying goodbye is getting harder instead of easier. We love these Elders
 and Sister with all of our hearts.  This is me before I break down in tears!

No one wanted to miss this last dinner with these outstanding missionaries that
we all love so much so we had a full house.

Dinner at the Mission Home.  All kinds of mixed feelings going on here tonight.
Mostly lots of love.

Elder Callahan and Elder Faoikau. Love these Elders so much.

Sister Makay and Sister St. John.  the St. Johns were serving in Alice Springs when
we arrived in July and Sister Makaya was also serving there.  Many happy memories.

Elder and Sister Larkin making sure everything is perfect for this last dinner.

This is a 2 plate dinner for Elder Matekohi. Save room for the waffles Elder!  

These guys love having me take pictures of them!  Especially Elder Wilmott!

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